Filling screw holes in fiberglass

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by bmffishing247, Jun 20, 2007.

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    Looking for a good way to repair small holes where fishfinders have been moved around. I know i could use silicone to fill the holes but I think that would be noticable. I was wondering if anyone knows of some stuff to get. I would much rather go some place and buy it rather than having it shipped.

    Also there are a few holes about the size of a quarter where the finder wires have been pulled through how about filling those.

    This is a fiberglass boat navy blue with metal flake. I am going to be doing a complet restore on the boat because the of the oxidation so I was going to fill the holes first to get them to blend in.

    Have you ever heard of using comet to clean the oxidation off of a boat. I think it is pretty course and would scratch it.

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    i would use some epoxy in the tubes. there is one on the shelf that is made for thick applications and to fill voids. easy to use and quick cure.

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    Just got back from wally world and got the bondo for my 3 holes (big can that should last the rest of my life for 3 dime to quarter size holes.) And got the bondo marine epoxy that is paintable. I also found a pretty close color on the paint. I'm hoping once i use the oxidation remover and some wax it will blend it pretty good.

    How about the comet question, anyone ever heard of using this to remove oxidation from your boat. I know they way to be careful with abbrasives on your clear coat finish but i saw this on the iboats forum so I wanted to see if anyone here has used it to remove oxidation and then put on a good coat of wax.

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    Don't use comet... use rubbing compound and a buffer, followed by a polishing compound, followed by wax.
    Use a Marine wax... they have extra U/V protectors in them to help prevent the gelcoat from oxidizing again down the road.

    And you should have used gelcoat repair on your holes too.