Filleting a Pike

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  1. I found this great demonstration video on youtube on filleting a Northern Pike...thought I'd share.

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    somewhat related story:

    I got a chance to eat pike when I was in the Boundary Waters. I don't know if it was because we had been eating freeze dried crap for a few days, but the pike tasted delicious. Also ate smallmouth bass, which tasted good.

    thanks for the vid.

  3. That is one of the better videos and detailed explanations that I have seen. There are plenty of demos out there but I still never feel that good at it. What I have been doing is just leaving the Y-bones in the fillet and then separating it from the meat after you fry it. You don't lose a bit of meat that way. I lose a lot more than what that guy did when I cut it out.
  4. Every year we always bring both walleye and pike to the cabin for a family meal and most everyone prefers the pike. For those that have not tried it they don't know what they are missing.
  5. I use another technique that wastes less meat on the belly area, but I plan to check this out. It seems to take a lot of practice to perfect your own method. Now, I just need a lot of pike for practice and have to wait another month! Thanks for sharing.