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    whats the best. i mean top of the line. im sick of buying $20 fillet knives and they are horrible. i want a durable and extreamly sharp fillet knife. also i process my own deer and the knives i use for that suck to. im looking for professonal grade quality knives. any info will help
  2. I have always used the Rapala knives with wood handles. They are in-expensive and they do a heck of a job. When they start to get dull just use a stone on them and they are good to go. I know there are a lot of "custom" fillet knives out there, I have never used them though, since I have never had a problem with the Rapala ones, so I have no reason to go more expensive.

    You could probably do a google search and get some reviews on different knives. I know when I have a large mess of fish to clean, my electric knife tears right through the pile.

  3. I use rapala knives as well. They take an edge easy and for the most part I could pul any of mine out and shave with it. A buddy of mine is a meat cutter / butcher, who also processes deer for side money, and he uses Forshner (SP) knives exclusively. they are inexpensive (like $29) and perform as good or beter then lot of others including the expensive ones like shun, global, henckles etc. here is a review of chefs knives from cooking for engineers that rates all of the top brand chef knives.

    The first thing about knives though is having a good sharpening stone and being very proficient with it. I spent more on my stone then most of my knives.
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    If you look at some meat markets, they buy reground fish knives with wooden handles from the commercial fish houses down south that get too short for the salt water fish. They work really well for fish and I have a bunch of different sizes that I use for everything...and processing deer. They come pretty sharp, but a good steel and a couple licks once in a while you keep busy with the meat. When you go to bait shops in Fla. some of them have boxes on the counter for 2.50-3.00 apiece. Here, if you find them the going rate is 3.00-7.00. I have seen them at sport shows also, but they want too much for them normally.
    If you can't find any, I have a Amish market by me that sells them and I could pick you some up.

    Also like Bigun said:
    Proper angles will maintain an edge longer.
    These knives I am telling you about are pretty forgiving and will take a lot of abuse before you need to sit down and "bring them back".
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  6. I have only used the Rapala knives and have been happy with them.

    As others have noted, sharpening is key. Even the most expensive knife will perform poorly if not sharpened properly.

    Using ceramic sticks fixed at the correct angle for the final hone after sharpening with stones has worked the best for me. Rapala makes a small version but I prefer a larger tabletop version. Mine has a wood base and removable ceramic sticks 9" long and 5/16" diameter.
  7. Have a drawer full of Fillet knives...My pick of all is still the Rapala..I have half a dozen Rapala's, One I bought over 40 years ago, has a 4 inch blade...Has the real wood handle ,from the looks of the newer ones ,the handle is made of a resin of some kind...If I had a dime for every fish I filled with a Rapala..We all have our favorite knive's, What is your's.......Jim.....
  8. Like the Rapalas also, bought a 2 stage Chefs Choice electric sharpener a few years back to use, keeps my knives pretty sharp.
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  10. Ditto on the Warthers.
    As someone who was dissatisfied with MANY fillet knives in the past, I will no longer use any fillet knives other than Warther's. I have owned 3 sizes for more than 20 years & they are fantastic. The folks I have gifted with them also say they are the best knives they have ever used. I use my small one for panfish & also to "de-fat" beef when I cook up a batch of shredded beef for sandwiches. Free lifetime sharpening, & the prices are NOT out of line.
    Check Warther's'll not be disappointed. BTW, be sure to go to the Museum too. It is AMAZING!
  11. For fish I love my 7" and 9" electric knives. Makes cleaning cats a 30sec job and all others eaiser too.. For deer I have an assorted size of knives from a 3" to a 7" like you would find at a meat shop/
  12. CUTCO, hands down. That's it!

    BGot a good deal on e-bay a few years back & the BEST knife I have ever owned. As mentioned before, adjustable blade, & iron clad warranty & free sharpening.

    But for a large amount of fish I use a electric knife to speed things up.

  13. I have a Wusthof. It is a great knife. My problem is that I need to get the proper sharpener. I have a stone but I am not very good free - handing to get the correct angle. Anybody use a vice device to hold the knife at the correct angle that they can recommend to do a good job?
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    gene- all jokes aside. My grandmother picked me up a hand sharpener from walmart i believe, its called the samurai shark..........hands down, this is the best sharpener i have ever laid hands on. It may sound like a joke, but take my word- its unreal. 5 sweeps through it and its done.....

  15. IMO; Anything that guy sells is junk. Simple as that JUNK. Including the samuri shark.
    My neighbor did the t.v. thing got sucked into paying 20+ sum $$ for shipping, 1st one lasted about 3 knives worth & don't know about the 2nd., I think she 's to embarassed to mention it again.

    Here, is more info about this so called wonder;
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    to each its own i guess---i use an electric for walleye and use the shark to sharpen the serrated edges.....and never had a problem.

    I use a hand fillet knife for perch and use the shark to sharpen all the knives--once again, never had a problem. I have cleaned a good number of fish with the blades i sharpened with the shark :B
  17. bump rapala knives. those things are great. wusthof are some of the best knives you can buy, expensive but the best, when i was in culinary school i won some wusthof french knives in a culinary competition and i just love them, i wouldnt trust a cheap sharpener on a wusthof ,use the stone. but as for fillet knives you cant beat rapalas quality and price!
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