Field Report Weds 01/14/2009

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  1. Due to the extreme cold, most lakes I drove by were nill of ice-fisherman, but here's today's report for ya anyway:

    Portage Lakes: 1:00 pm
    North Reservoir: Nobody
    East Reservoir: Nobody
    Long Lake: (At T's Bait Shop) Nobody

    Springfield Lake: 1:30 pm Nobody

    Ladue: 4:00 pm St Rt 44: Nobody, nor any tracks or test holes
    Boat Launch (Valley & Washington Drive) Nobody
    St Rt 422: Nobody, nor any tracks or test holes

    Punderson: 5:00 pm Nobody

    Brady Lake: 7:00 pm Nobody

    Mogadore: 8:00 pm
    Boathouse: St Rt 43: Nobody, nor any tracks or test holes
    Congress Lake: Only one guy fishing on the West (Northern Shoreline)
    North Dike/Sunnybrook: Nobody, nor any tracks or test holes
    North Dike/Old Forge: Nobody, nor any tracks or test holes
    Boat Stake Area: Nobody, nor any tracks or test holes today
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    hey jon i was just wanting to let you know 3 days ago i seen 4 guys on north buy the fish hatchery were they droped all the xmas trees this year. also me and nate fished from the boat ramp to the island and had a solid 3 to 3 1/2 the hole way out. and i did see one lonely guy walk from t's over to the right were the pads are in the summer. didnt get a chance to stop and talk to him but plannig on investigateing that sometime after friday high of 5 degrees. have you seen anyone behind danos yet? or at craftsmans park?

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    me and parma bass will be on ladue today!! if u do rounds today u will see someone.. prolly on the north side of 422
  4. I started my season out at Palm road Tues. caught 7, only one a keeper, all went back. Three guys showed up just before dark and set up a shanty. We were just 50-60 yards off the ramp in 4ft ow. Yesterday I went to Springfield at 3pm. Got a couple of bites in 8ft ow. At 4pm I went hunting and saw nuttin.
  5. ParmaBass

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    Bait shop was closed so we went to Mosquito....
    FYI....Don't try to pull into the launch area for the 44 ramp!!! VERY DEEP and crusty snow!! I have 4WD and almost got stuck.
  6. mrphish42

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    Parma.....You know better man......first no bait, then poor parking, almost stuck. Your smarter than that.... I know for sure. HEHEHE...Should'a gone to OSP......You got "dinks" revenge on you for not going there......and besides the state does a much better job on the Parking lots there...See ya on the ice soon for sure......jON sR.