Fiberglass Walleye Boat Length?

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  1. Ive been thinking about purchasing a fiberglass walleye boat to use primarly on Erie and on my salmon trips to Traverse City. Im looking for some advice about boat length. Id like to go with something like a Ranger 621, but was wondering if maybe a 18 or 19 foot boat would perform just as well driving in the waves?
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    I have a Ranger 621, it's the best Ranger boat for big water, I talked to alot of other FLW Ranger folks and they seem to think it's better in rough water than the 620. Obvioulsy the longer the better as the boat will span the waves better. if you want to drive up to Cleveland for a test drive I'll be more than happy to take you out for a spin, if you haven't been in a Ranger walleye boat your in for a real treat. All the Fisherman series boats are geared directly at big water fisherman, the Reatta is a great riding boat as well, although I've never drove on on Erie I know a few guys who have them and they really like them too. PM me if you want my take on all the different models as I know them well. I got some people you can talk to as well.