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  1. Looking for a reputable taxidermist to do a glass replica of the nice king that my wife caught at Ludington.
  2. Artistic Anglers in Duluth MN have the best replicas I have seen. They are not cheap, but their work is amazing - they truly are talented artists. Give them a call and see if they can help you -you won't be disappointed with the work.

    Artistic Anglers
    5289 Rice Lake Rd
    Duluth, MN 55803

    They now have a website (this is new):

  3. You’re going to have to specify just what quality you’re willing to pay for. Artistic Anglers does great work, and I can suggest a World Champion in PA that might save you a little on shipping. Both places will give you a top quality piece of work. But, you’re going to pay a good penny. Personally, I think it’s worth it.
  4. Most of what I'm reading for this project is in the $12.00 per inch range. Not sure if that's where the guys above fall, but their email link doesn't work.

    Thanks guys...still looking, preferably somewhere in Ohio.
  5. $12.00/inch is about the "average" range for most fish taxidermists. When you start getting into bigger fish, the price structure usually changes. Same for small fish. The two aforementioned places are a fair amount higher for standard fish. A big king may be big enough that it no longer falls within the "per inch" price, but everyone prices their work a little different.
    Make sure you view the work before commiting to anything, and don't take the word of any of us here. I've see a lot of people claim how their taxidermist does great, then they post a picture. :eek: Make sure any photos you look at are close ups, and good quality. The difference between average or poor fish work and excellent fish work is amazing when viewed up close.
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  7. I go for the best I can find when getting taxidermy work done and I don't mind paying for high end work - after all I want my stuff to look great for a LONG time - hopefully even after I am gone:D I'm not saying AA is the very best and I am no expert, but they had the best work I saw. I found them at a show displaying some of their stuff along side many others and they stood out form the crowd so to speak. I should have something from them by mid-summer and can try to post pics. If it is as nice as the stuff at the show they'll get more business from me this year.

    They were very receptive to anything specific I wanted done and treated me great when making the arrangements also. Yes, it will end up being higher than $12 inch as M.Magis said, but I have a hunch it will be well worth the extra coin:B