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  1. Back in June I bought a Procraft V150B bass boat. Yesterday I decided to really clean out the compartments and vacuum out all the leaves and debris that I didnt reach the first time. About a foot and a half up the rod compartment I noticed a soft spot on the carpet and pulled it back. There is a hole in the fiberglass about the size of my fist and you can see the wood about an inch and a half underneath. I would like to fill it with something to avoid the wood getting wet and rotting. What can I use to fill the hole and make it waterproof.

  2. I would look into putting new fiberglass cloth and resin over the hole. since it's tucked in the back and covered by carpet, it doesn't have to be a pretty job, just functional.

    I wonder how the hole got there in the first place?

  3. The only way I could think of was if they tried to shove something into the compartment that was too big. It narrows as it goes towards the bow and if they tried to shove it forward it may have broken through. I thought they probably made some type of fiberglass tape which I could put over the hole and then cover with fiberglass I just was not sure.

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    theres no tape to do it to go as the other guy says.use fiberglass cloth ( mat ) and a good epozy to glue it down.this is a stress thing.theres just no short fix here.only the cloth ( mat) will hold out.I have done this before and know what I say.this cloth comes in differant thick nessess thus it is up to you to decide.since under cover and can not be seen I use either 2 layers thin.criss the fibers are not going same can put both layers on same time no need wait till hard.think best to do it that way as once it hardens thing the next shot be not to good hold over the hardened one.your problem will be solved and should give you long time use.hope you can get what I say to do.if not get back to me on this.