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FHRRA Kids fishing contest

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by RiverRunner88, Jun 2, 2007.

  1. The Fairport Harbor rod and reel association is hosting a kids fishing contest again this year. Its for kids from ages 4 to 15, there are 3 seperate age groups (4-7) (8-11) and (12-15) The contest will be held at the fairport fishing pier on June 10th Registration will be in front of Steves bait in front of the pier. Registration is also to take place June 10th, the contest starts at 9 and ends at about noon. Prizes will be awarded to the biggest fish caught, but there will also be complimentary prizes for the kids..Last years prizes included Bikes, rods and reels, lures bait, etc

    Hope to see you there!
  2. If you could, could you please post Excact INFO

    Ive posted a copy of the REAL flier. Thanks for letting me do what this guy had originally done.

    Facts from Back:

    1.Fish Caught before 9:00 am ARE Ineligible

    2.All Children Under the Age of 5 must waer a life Jacket

    3.All Fish MUST me caught by rod and Reel

    4.Children must stay off the Rock piles or be disqualified

    5.All fish must be caught from the Alamo to the End of the Break wall

    6.All fish must be turned in beore 12:00 NOON

    7. Everyone in the Contest must be Registered

    8. Decision of the Committe is Final

    9.Must BE present at awards to Rceive Prize

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