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    Ok, im going to be setting up a few rods to troll around milton this next season. Never done it before so im totally new to this :). I have done some reading research so I have a grasp on what I want to acomplish but have a few questions. I am going to be using bottom bouncers for bottom and 3 way set up for 5-20' down (1 oz per 10 ft). Going to be trolling mainly rapalas and worm harnesses.

    Ok my next step is deciding what rod/reel combos im going to use and what line. I have a ton of rod/reels and would like to use 1 of my current set ups, I have enough to buy before spring. Is there a diffrence wether to use a bait caster or spinning reel? Is one better then the other or does it even matter as long as its got a good drag system? And as far as the rod I want a long 7-8' med/hvy action right?

    Now the line, when lining up my 3 way should I use a slightly less pound line on the weight so if I get snaged I will only lose the weight or will that mess me up?

    Guess I asked enough questions for 1 post, ill save some more for later :p. Ummm if it matters I will be trolling with a 14' aluminum I have a trolling and gas moter, im planing on getting a gps/finder to track my MPH.
  2. Sounds like you are targeting eyes. If so you could use M to MH rods. The longer you have the more separation you'll get but use what you have. Baitcasters are easier to use as they fit nicely in the rod holders but again, spinning reels work too. I would spool it up with 10 to 14# superbraid and use a fluorocarbon leader for cranks. If you can pick up some inline boards cheap the can get you away from the boat and be productive.

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    I agree with what Steve said. Sounds exactly like what I do.
    Here are a couple of links for mini planer boards that work real well on the inland lakes.
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    thanks guys,

    ya targeting eyes I forgot to add that in. My 2 years of fishing ive been stuck on shore/waders and just got my first boat last fall so this is all really new to me but gives me somthing to read/experiment/ask questions on over the winter. On the planer boards, I have seen those and I have seen the little plastic jet divers (sp?) are there advantages to the planers on such a small set up that I have?
  5. I troll Milton in a 14'er quite a bit, and I will use inline planner boards every chance I get. The only time I don't is when it gets too busy out there. I was a little intimidated by them at first, but once you figure them out they are must have equipement. On my little boat, inline boards are the only way I can troll 4 rods at once and not get tangled up.

    Most of the year at Milton you will not need jet or dipsy divers, because they just aren't that deep usually. Early in the year you will want to target 5-10 FOW out there. I usually troll crankbaits, but if you want to try harnesses and shallow divers I would try running snap weights with them on the 50-50 system.

    The rods I usually use at Milton are 7'6" medium action and spooled with 10 pound mono.

    Hope this helps. See ya on the water, well when it thaws.
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    I use the TX-22 mini boards when trolling inland lakes. They're great for getting the baits away from the boat, which can be critical when fishing shallow water.

    If you use a bait caster, or level wind reel, you can measure the amount of line that is let out with a pass of the spool, and repeat it to get your baits back to the same depth once you find the fish.