Fertilizer Prices!

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by lg_mouth, Apr 25, 2008.

  1. lg_mouth

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    Well, headed out to buy some Triple 10 fertilizer for the yard and to throw around my oak trees but was surprised that the price had nearly doubled since last year. I was expecting maybe a dollar, but it went from $4.89 last year to $8 something now.

    I don't know how farmers are doing it. With the cost of fuel, seed, and fertilizer skyrocketing, how is it even profitable to farm?

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    Have you been to the grocery store lately? :D
    Everything is up from a year ago and going higher.
    Bread, milk, cheese, beef - you name it.
    Farmers pass added costs onto consumers, just like everybody else does.
    Otherwise they'd be broke.

    *Actually, I'd like to add that right now might be a very good time to be a farmer considering the shortages of grain etc. You're going to see most farmers planting every scrap of land they can get their hands on for years to come.

  3. 48oz bottle of vegtable oil or canola oil 3 weeks ago $2.58 at Meijer same size today $4.99. They must think that anything with the word oil on it made it ok to gouge the consumer with. Better start buying ammo its going up pretty fast too.
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    We're using our food to make fuel because we can't go get any oil to make fuel. Yet the fuel we're making isn't going to make a dent in the oil we need but it has already impacted the prices of what we eat. I ate at CiCi's today and the manager was talking about how bad wheat has gone up lately. Wheat! The grain that has fed the world for eons is suddenly expensive?

    The commodities market paid the farmers very well for their crops last year and into this but material costs are going to wipe out any benefit that had for them. As more either plant corn for ethanol or go belly up, expect more stories like the rice problems in California.

  5. right on! actually, we have oil. it's just the tree-huggers throw a fit anytime we try to get at it.

    I wish I invested in fertilizer in the market. I've got oild, gold, natural gas but I sure could have used some fertilizer.
  6. when it comes to the point the cow's crap is worth more than the meat, were all in trouble:)
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    thank god i got 6 deer this past year... have not had to buy red meat since opening day of bow!
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    my freezer is full of venison too, but a great big juicy porterhouse on the grill is unbeatable sometimes.
  9. So true! Just had one marinated in Tubbs, covered in Fried Morels....Heaven!!:p