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    I'm getting ready to stain/waterproof my fence for the first time. I had it installed back in July. However, I've never stained a fence before. Anybody have a tips for application, products, etc.? It has cedar planks with pressure treated rails and posts. Spraying isn't really an option because my neighbor has a white fence which is only about 2 ft from mine.
  2. Unless you get between the fences, the middle side will look bad.
    Like mine does.
    Maybe disassemble the fence and paint it on the ground.
    Would not paint white.

  3. Sounds like doing the outside is going to be quite a tight squeeze with a brush. I'd use Solid Color Cedar stain and a brush but there isn't an easy way stain anything. Stain is very thin and will splash onto your neighbors fence if you don't take extra precautions like some large cardboard. Also, wear some clothes you were planning to trash! You have your work cut out for sure!
    (Back to back fences within two feet! hummmm....!!) Good Luck.
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    Drop clothes over the neighbors fence might help protect it. Maybe some old sheets or blankets.
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    Either get a roll of thin visqueen or 3M makes rolls of real thin plastic masking. It comes in different heights. I wanna say 6', 8' at least. Its available at sherwin williams, lowes. The roll is about a foot tall. After you unroll it, it unfolds several times to give you the working height. Definitely cover the neighbor's fence if you want to stay neighbors. Use a solid color exterior stain with a UV inhibitor. Flood Company products are pretty good. You could roll it on and then use a brush to work it in and catch the edges.
    Mike Hawkins
  6. I used Bear products on my fence last a long time between application about 5 years. Best to put on witha 4 inch brush take your time should look nice
    its cheeper to use 5 gal buckets than one gal. I ended up using twenty
    containers. Thats front and back sides.
  7. I have used a sponge to stain vertical and horizontal wood surfaces. Works great on fencing, esprcially the edges. This method is much faster than brushinf and no drips.:)
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    on the sponge method, do you just dip it in the bucket and go to town, or is there another method?
  9. There are also some terry cloth mitts that work great for staining spindles on decks. Depending on the type of fence you msy want to try those.
  10. Just stained my cedar fence today. Only 55 ft of fence and it took 10 hours and 2 gallons of stain. Used Cabot clear solutions. Easy to work with but no idea how long it will hold its color and appearance yet. It is oil based and flings a god 5-6 feet even when I was careful. Drop cloths and plastic are a must. Good luck and take your time ,the more you rush the longer it takes you.