favorite;tree stand or ground blind

Discussion in 'The Lodge' started by basstrackerman, Nov 5, 2008.

  1. basstrackerman

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    just curious as to what peoples feelings are. i do both.i preferr my climber summitt goliath. but ive taken several from a ground blind. plus you can move a little more in the blind.
  2. For bow I will take a tree stand hands down. In most cases it is just too hard to create the perfect setting for a ground blind in my opinion.

    For gun hunting I think it is a different game. You don't need to bring them in to 20 yards away so you can set up farther away from the travel area.

  3. Summit Cobra ever hunt of the season. I hate hunting on the ground.
  4. out of a tree for everything you get a much better view of the area. loggy bayou mega transformer or the summit viper. both great climbers.
  5. Summit viper for me.(Climber)
    I also have a ghille suit, doghouse blind, gorilla fixed w climbing sticks, and I just bought a portable 30"x12' camo quick blind frim Cabelas for 19.99. It looks awesome. I prefer the climber, but several places I hunt, there are no trees to climb.
  6. carxman17

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    I have a ladder stand & a summit goliath. I also have hunter out of a ground blind. I think the climber is the most comfotable and the most versitile. I am a big guy and a ground blind is not for me!!!!!!
  7. HCF


    ladder stands, or summit goliath but have also made some natural ground blinds from the tops of trees after those high winds we had awhile back, buddy took his 5yr old out for the first time to natural blind we built and was able to harvest a nice doe, kid was happy to see daddy get a deer. The natural blinds will be nice for the kids an older folks during gun season we put orange tape around the trees to let others know someone could be there.
  8. fshnteachr

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    I love my climber, great view and very comfortable. I would like the "security" of being on the ground vs. getting up in a the tree. I hate climbing up and down, but once I get there, sitting up there is awesome. Especially after the harness deaths we heard about recently, but with the climber I take it slow and safe.
  9. Seaturd

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    I love hunting from the ground and have killed all my deer but one (last year) from either a ground blind or while still hunting. I am forcing myself to archery hunt from a tree though because it improves my chances at a makeable shot.