favorite "tie on the feedbag" food???

Discussion in 'OGF Kitchen' started by jeffmo, Jan 17, 2009.

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    after several days of the flu keeping me sick as a dog and not wanting to eat i'm finally starting to feel fairly human again.i told the wife that on saturday i hoped that i felt good enough to sit down and put the hurts on some food.she asked where i wanted to go and what i wanted to eat and as much as she couldn't believe it i told her i wanted to make a trip to a local chinese buffet that i like.when i'm serious hungry i like good chinese food as well as most any other.
    so let's hear what you guys like to eat and where when you get the urge to chow down.my mind might end up getting changed!
  2. For me it is barbequed (smoked) pork; either ribs or pulled pork, twice baked or baked potato, baked beans and coleslaw. I have traveled to Memphis a half dozen times in the last year for work, and I have to get barbeque every time I am there!

    As far as going out, there is a place on the south end of Toledo called Nicks. I used to go there with friends when I was in College to eat off a hangover. They have the largest portions I have ever seen. Tonight, for $12, I got a gyro that filled up a plate, fresh cut fries that filled up their own plate, and a bowl (not a cup) of soup. They also have a Nickburger, which is a 1 lb. burger. I killed one of those back in the good old days!

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    about 12 taco bell crunchy tacos and i dont even party anymore:p
  4. White Castles double cheeseburgers.
  5. Skyline chili
  6. misfit

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    i've been getting attacks for those lately,myself:D
    my daughter is a white castle junkie,but seldom gets the chance to get to town for them,so the last time i got the itch,i picked up a bag and went to her place for a slider party.you'da thought she hit the lottery:D
  7. make mine double jalopeno cheeseburgers and throw in some onion chips,but lordy, do I ever pay the next day!
  8. jeffmo

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    i'm not allowed in the house the day after white castles!:S :S :S :S
  9. misfit

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    i don't even allow myself in the house the day after:eek::D

    i like the chinese buffet too.............especially when they have crab legs:)
  10. frickin chicken pizza at frickers
  11. ezbite

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    just had an angry whopper, not to bad.
  12. I like a good chinese buffet too but will settle for a full slab of baby back ribs with onion rings, cole slaw and garlic bread. Of course there also must be at
    least one or two 16oz draft with the ribs.:)
  13. I'm on a job in Lima, Peru. Last night we went to a Churrascaria. This is a Brazilian style steakhouse. There is a salad bar and they bring a big basket of french fries to the table. Each person has a round disc placed in front of them that is red on one side and green on the other. As soon as you turn it from red to green, they start serving you all differnt kinds of meat that have been rosted on an open fire with a little salt and placed on swords. You have a set of tongs with your silverware and as they slice the meat you grab it with your tongs. They had 5 differant cuts of beef, 3 different cuts of pork, chicken, turkey, wild boar, osterach, lama and lamb. the different meats came so fast, I didn't have the time to finish my salad. It keeps comming untill you turn your disc back over to red. Then they come and ask you it you want more of any specific type of meat served. With six beers the bill came to $30 for two of us. They have several of these in the US now but I doubt if they are this cheap.

  14. I wont even allow myself in the house after White Castle, GOOD GOSH,
  15. i like to knock back some hooters wings and shrimp with a few cold ones.
  16. I have to go with wings,capps jumbo teriaki and cajun wings, some blue cheese,I used to deliver part time for capps so I would get them half price at the end of the night, bring them home, sit on the couch and have at them till stuffed and never make it off ther couch before falling asleep!
  17. I did not get to be this size by being picky! Everything mentioned here is great but having grown up in Az., I like some good Mexcian grub.
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    GOOD fried catfish.
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    OH YEA! Those are the best places to eat in the world. American beef sucks.
    I'm not one much for eating, I only eat selected things to fill the hole when I have time but those places get my mouth watering just thinking about them.
    They have some in Dallas, NY, Orlando or Chicago but they are about $50 per person compared to about $3-5 per person in Brasil.

    Sorry Jeffmo. I have nothing to offer you in terms of food. Not my cup of tea.
  20. Crab Legs for me. There's a place on US223 just over the michigan line called Firehouse 47 Grill. Every wednesday they have all you can eat crag and steak for $26. I have never eaten the steak but the crab is out of this world. They bring you a pound at first the in half pound increments after that. The wife and I are average weight people (she's petite). We went one evening and i put away rought 5 pounds and she ate 3. If you get a bad leg then send it back. Yes it's pricey but they are quality crab legs.