Favorite place for meats?

Discussion in 'OGF Kitchen' started by Net, Dec 30, 2008.

  1. Anyone who knows their cleaver from a twist tie has a favorite place to shop for meats. So where's your favorite and why?

    For price & selection I like Meijer. I was excited to see a Kroger had recently opened near us (Sunbury) but their meat dept turned out to be an overpriced joke! Went in last week looking for some beef plate ribs for a batch of beef barley soup I was making and you'd think I was asking for an endangered species. All I could find was prepared meats targeted to the unwrap & throw in the oven crowd. I'm done there...end of rant.
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    I like Sam's Club for spare ribs, pork butts, brisket (flats only), etc. for smoking. Going there in a bit for a whole ribeye.

  3. On my plate!

    Kidding aside, I like small butcher shops if you can find them. Then Sam's.

    Here in Lancaster, I like to go to Bay's or Rienschield's in Bremen.
  4. I like the Carfagna's store on Dublin-Grandville Road in Columbus

  5. I have had several bad experiences at Meijer. One was vacuum packed ribs and the other was chicken. So I make it point to shop at the Troy Meat Market, small and out of the way but the selection and quality of cuts available are great. The place is packed on Saturdays so it must be good.
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    West Side market in Cleveland. Great fruits and veggies also!
  7. I just moved to Tipp city, Where is this butcher located at?

    Myself I have always gone to Brunks meat shoppe in vandalia. You can't beat a small butcher shop. You may pay a little bit more but the quality and ability to get custom cuts make it worth the price.

    I was at Brunks once and was getting ready to try my first pork shoulder on the smoker. They didn't have any in the case. I asked the clerk for what I wanted, she asked what size I wanted and a few minutes later my pork came up from the basement cold room where the butcher was working. She held it up to make sure it met my approval and wrapped it up. Great place to get meats.
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    i can't help much cause i don't do much cooking anymore.nobody else to cook for,and i'm too lazy to get picky,LOL.
    but i used to buy some meat from a shop between sunbury and johnstown that was awesome.he did his own smoking,etc.can't remember the name,but i do remember those smoked chops:)

    i believe it's beekist farm market on rt. 37.
  9. Rick, was it Bee Kissed or something like that? It is on 37 and I always chuckle when I go by it on my way to Alum.
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    thanks bw.i must have found it while you were posting,LOL.google is a great tool for guys with memory loss:D

    i figured it's not all that far for net to drive for some quality meat.
  11. Used to be a butcher shop (Sunbury Meats) in that little plaza on Rte 37 just east of Rte 3. Now vacant.

    I'll check out Bee Kissed. Thanks!
  12. dots market in east dayton
  13. Rumor I heard was they were closing or closed
  14. i thought it was only going to close if that kroger marketplace was going in on wayne av. krogers pulled out of the deal. so now the city of dayton owns empty houses around wayne and wyoming
  15. I generally shop for meat at sam's. They will give you a discount for if you happen to be buying like a case of pork butts etc. I also like Buehler's in delaware. All beef is certified angus...pricey but they do run sales. I also enjoy places like Jungle Jim's in Fairfield and the Vermilion farm market is a neat place too.
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    small bi rite store next to the rodmakers shop goes by an italian name ,possibly vigalucci's bi rite.
  17. M & M Market in dover...small family owned market...anyone from around here knows they are TOPPS!! kinda $$$ but you get the quality to match....been in business at least as long as i've been around....40+ yrs...and packed on saturday so they must be good!! LOL!!:) their pre-marinated 'kabobs are KILLER!!! porterhouse...well there is no other i've had that compares...
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    hard to beat sams club, real good prices and a large selection. only down fall is you have to get 30 pounds of porterhouse and spend a hundred bucks for a few steaks for dinner. atleast theres plenty for seconds.:p
  19. I'm a meat manager for Buehlers in Wooster so thats where i buy my meat. We still cut and grind all our beef and pork in house. Our prices are higher than some stores, but like all things you get what you pay for. I would rather spend a little mrore $ for great service and a high quality product.:)