Favorite Panfish Tackle

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  1. Was just wondering what you guys are going after the gills and crappies with under the ice?? Just bare hook with wax worm or jig and wax or what? I usually go after then with minow in the spring just didnt know what works the best this time of year? I assume minows would be a pain trying to keep them from freezing up. Any tips would be great, as this is my first year on the ice! Thanks!

  2. i am having a lot of luck with pin-mins white and chartreuse, both with spinners on them. i use both maggot and wax but maggot seems to work best.

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    small glow jigs with wax worms!! doesnt really matter what jig as long as its small and glows!
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    I use the smallest jigs I can find in white, chartruse, and orange. For bait I almost always use maggots but waxworms will also work. Its good to have at least two different kinds of bait. And when using either change your bait often. I usually put on fresh bait after each fish I catch or if I haven't got a bite in 15 min or so. YOu could be sitting there for a half hour with no hits put on fresh bait and boom!!!!! Hope this helps
  5. I have good luck with a black pin-min w/ white diagonal stripes sofar this season.. tipped with a maggots or waxies
  6. black/white ants or chart. ratfinkey....tip either with waxies or spikes...gills cant resist!!
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    plastics. White little plastics on a glow jig. Crappies go crazy. Keep an assortment ready, and mix it up