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Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by Hoyt Man, Feb 15, 2008.

  1. Just wondering what is everyone favorite range near columbus?

  2. Hoyt Man not to sure I like the name but to reply to your question. There is a Great 3D range in Woodstock Ohio. Which is close to about 40 miles west of Col. It is called Straight and Narrow. It has a pro shop plus 30 3D targets set up in the woods set at diffrent yrds. Hours of the pro shop are in the latter part of the day but the range goes by the honor system.

    Oh yeaa they even sell Hoyt Bows but you might want to try the one of the Mathews they have . Good Luck this year
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    Hocking Hills has a nice range, static and 3D
  4. littleking

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    great indoor range in johnstown (north of new albany)
  5. Thanks for all the replys - Plan on trying some of these ranges out, soon as the weather breaks ! Hey Matthews shooter - how about a friendly shootoff at the range ? Im willing to learn, even from a Mattews shooter!!!!:) !%
  6. Sounds like A Good time to me. I work 2nd shift however but maybe we can get together on a weeked. What part of Columbus are you from? I am a Grad. of Westerville North High 1996. I grew up in Columbus .
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    i will second mathews shooter on straight n arrow. i live only about 15 minutes from there and i go alot during the summer. the pro shop has nice equipment and they're very willing to help. there are also several competitions that go on out there that are lot of fun