Favorite Lures?

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by BassCrazy, Nov 1, 2007.

  1. OK Anglers:

    I think all of us have a couple lures that are sentimental favorites, that maybe even don't catch quite the number of fish anymore, but we can't head to the water without?

    Here are mine...

    1. Stanley Vibrashaft Willow Tandem Spinnerbait - Sun Perch color
    2. Zoom 4" C Tail Worm - Junebug & Watermelon
    3. Bomber 6A, 7A Bream & Brown Craw Crankbaits
    4. Pumpkinseed & Watermelon 4" Ringworms
    5. Cabin Creek Baits - Pumpkinseed Salty Spider Jig

    What are yours?

  2. Where should I start? My confidence lure is a 5in Finesse worm fished Carolina style with an 1/8 oz bullet weight pegged about a foot above the lure. #2 would be buzzbaits, the ones I make myself. There's nothing quite like having a bass or any fish for that matter explode on a lure you made yourself! #3 would be crank and jerkbaits, #4 Tubes, #5 topwaters and last would be Dropshot and deep water fishing. :B

  3. corndawg

    corndawg Go Bulldogs!!!

    It pretty much depends on what I’m aiming for but in general……

    # 1 - 3” + 4” floating rapala, and/or yo-zuri, add weight and it’s a deep diver.
    # 2 - 6” slugo motor oil color and/or Berkley 3” + 6” power worms, hooked wacky style.
    # 3 - pumpkin and motor oil skirted tube jig.
    #4 – Hula popper.
    #5 – assorted size and colors of mepps, panther martin and vibrex spinners.