Favorite Lure for Trout

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  1. Please post your favorite lure for trout. Thanks!
  2. Definitely gotta go with the wooly bugger. Rainbows and steelies love em.

  3. I love a small white rooster tail or chartruse power bait nuggets
  4. BornWithGills

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    Are you talking wild trout or stocked, big difference. Wild trout, hairs ear nymph fly fished or spinning. Stocked trout, small white plastic grubtail fished below a bobber tipped with a waxworm.
  5. Rapala Gold X-Rap for Steelhead in Rocky River for the Fall bite.

  6. BigMha

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    blue and silver lil cleo spoons for fall fishing, chartuese and black jig & maggot, minnow and slip bobber...shoot even night crawlers under a slip bobber. I was fishing down at 72nd street and caught trout last fall on all of the above
  7. it's hard to beat a 2-3" chub below a bobber. I seine them out of the creek/ river I'm fishin in.
  8. What size? I would imagine pretty small?
  9. Fished a lot of trout when I lived in Washington and I would have to say gold triple teasers, jones flies with gold in-line spinners, and my secret honey lure. If I'm not trolling a jig, waxworm, & slip bobber.
  10. I use joes' flies and rooster tails.
  11. i would go with the small floating raplala it does the trick every time for me when fishing for stocked trout also the mepps #2
    for steelhead a big count down rapala works for me
  12. liquidsoap

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    My favorite bait has always been big minnows. Works for stockers and steelies.