Favorite lake in Ohio?

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  1. Besides lake Erie what are your favorite lakes in Ohio and for what type of fish? I think I might finally have my motor working for my boat so I plan on fishing some lakes this summer instead of my usual creek fishing. Its just a small 12 footer so I wont be going to lake Erie and will probably fish mostly the restricted lakes but will also might try Deer Creek and Alum.
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    You better be bringing it to Deer Creek on the 25th, Twister :D You'll enjoy that lake.

  3. Well I'm thinking about it but I know so many great places to fish the creek over there its hard not to go to those spots. If I had what I would call a "home lake" it would be D.C. but have only been out in the lake a few times. Plus it gets pretty crowded with ski boats and jet skis. I guess I could bring it so you all can get a good laugh watching me launch since I have only dont it once! HA
  4. Beach City.
    But not for any good reason. Only that from 1935 to 1950 I fished, duck hunted and hunted rabbits in the low lands many many weekends. Only caught bull heads, shot a couple of stray ducks and a few rabbits, and a phesant. But oh what fun our family had, getting up before daybreak cooking lunch on the only island and hoping for something to happen. One time we counted our decoys and it sees like we had one extra. Sure enough a stray joined the group. My brother accidently triggered both barrels, landed in the mud and put holes on most of the decoys.

  5. Those are all GREAT reasons. If you have been fishing since 1935 you are a heck of a lot older than I am but we do have one thing in common, the great momories we have from fishing and hunting with family.
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    I would highly recamend trying out Charles Mill , Knox & Kokosing . They can be awesome ! :)
  7. That Phil would have gone with Clear Fork. I'll throw my vote that way. The grass in that lake is just phenomenal bass habitat. Add in the sunken islands and the wood cover near the Boy Scout camp, and you have all the necessary habitat for great bass fishing.

  8. :)
    Either Wellington Upground or Norwalk #2 Reservoir. Wellington for Largemouth and Norwalk #2 for big blue Gills and also nice sized Crappies in the 12" and up size.
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    Eric , Clear Fork can be awesome but Charles Mill can be phenominal ! :D
  10. deer creek has been good to me. Cats and crappie
    Lake hope was quiet. bluegills, crappies, and a bass
    O'Shawnessee was slow and I did't do well. 2 cats
    Ross appears to be over fished.
  11. catking

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    Cowan and Paint Creek ........... multi species ............ THE CATKING !!!
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    I'd definatly go NE. To many good lakes to mention them all. Mosquito, Long, Nimisla, Portage Lakes. North Res is awesome to, but mostly small fish.
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    We usually fish for bass and Knox is hard to beat. If you have a trolling motor try Ross, or Oakthorpe. We're like you, small boat and don't like to deal with the powerboat crowd at the unlimited HP lakes. If we did it would probably be Alum, heard a lot of good things about it. We want to try Kiser Lake but no motors at all are allowed and rowing seems like a lot of work. There's always Hargus right close to you.
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    I like West Branch best. There are a lot of good sized fish of different species and it is probably the prettiest lake in these parts having no homes on the shorline. It is beautiful out there in the Fall when the trees are all colored .
  15. Cat Mazter

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    Lake Logan has been really good to me over the years. ;)