favorite frog for thick grass and lily pads?

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by bassman789, Jun 7, 2008.

  1. any reccommendations on a good frog that is worth the price? Ive done okay with the snag proof frogs and a zoom horny toad but i was just wondering if there was anything else out there that might get better results. Any replies will be aprreciated!!
  2. Spro Bronzeye Frog, and Bronzeye Jr. Alot better hook up rates...


  3. soua0363

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    I second the SPRO frogs. They always float upright and they go through the slop with ease.
  4. I will have to say the same thing!!! The Spro frog is the best I have used. :)
  5. thanks. one more question: Do any certain colors seem to outperform others?
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    I have not had much luck on spro frogs.
    I like using big floating rubber worms. :)
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    Bassman, you need all the colors. I like the Zoom frogs and last thursday if you didn't throw something green you didn't get anything but green was tearing them up. Friday black worked better and there's been other days when only white would get a reaction.
  8. SPRO jr, with rattle in it and glued tight. Black or barney.
  9. Spro frog big one and jr very good. add a little rattle like Si says. Black , brown, yellow
    I will let you in on a secret..... Its not just for thick grass, great in open water, don't tell anyone
  10. As for plastic floating frogs (like the scum frog, bronzeye, etc) I always fish the Spro Bronzeye or Bronzeye Jr. As for other frogs (Zooom Horny toads, YUM Buzfrogs) I use the Zoom Horny Toad or Strike King Rage Tail Toad. I use the latter the most. I find it stay upright better than other brands and doesn't roll.

  11. JF1


    I just started using floating frogs, and purchased the SPRO bronzeye and the jr. I have a question....do you guys tie your knot directly to the frog or do you use a split ring? I tied mine directly to the frog and did well fishing some mats.

    However after thinking about it, I would think a splitring would be the better bet. It would give you more versitility fishing open water and a better "walk the dog" action if you wanted it.

    Anyones thoughts on this?????

    (sorry for the thread hijack)