Favorite Fishing Trip 2007

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    Whether you were stalking smallmouth in streams, chasing pike, looking for big cats, topwater bass explosions or trolling for eyes, let's hear what your favorite fishing story/trip was of 2007. Figure it's a good way to remember 07!

    All 3 of mine were in the kayak this year....first bowfin on plastics out at Mogadore on a ridiculously hot sunny day, 2 bass out of Long Lake on back to back casts that went over 3+ pounds after a long day of work, and getting the yaks out on the Ohio for Flatties!

    Special mention goes out to the charter my dad organizes every year for him, myself, and my brothers...great times with family, especially when you go to that Japanese steakhouse in Port Clinton and have too much Saki before your next day on the water...ohhhhh, saki baddddddd:D Got to see my father in law get his biggest fish ever (fish ohio walleye) on Erie too!
  2. Mine had to be when tubuzz but us on some perch was great action everytime the bait hit the bottom you had a fish even a few doubles Thanks Jeff

  3. The whole year of 07,New Ranger,trips to Erie with limits,but one I will always remember is the Hawgfest. First Tourney I fished. The 4 days we fished were a blast. Finnally catching a 10+ walleye,to bad it was Sunday after the tourney..Also finding this website and getting the help from you guys answering my posts. Some of you may have forgotten what it was like when you first started out walleye fishing,but I always appreciated all of your help. Thanks to you guys for making 07 a year I'll always remember.

    Merry Christmas to you all and A safe and Happy New Year
    Looking forward to 08 and meeting more of you guys..

    Ron Cooper
  4. ;) Twas the night befofe Christ------------------
    no No no
    It was cold, wet, WINDY and after hooks in hands and
    lure hooks being bent,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, My most fun day
    with-out a doubt was with MISFIT on Hoover.:D
    We boated about 200 White bass and didnt feel
    the wet cold windy day.
    misfit we gotta do it again some day...:)
    Tom R.

    Capt Hook
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    i had many. The one that really stands out was out of geneva in july around 12 miles off or so. A friend of the families son was just getting ready to depart for iraq on monday. We got home from fishing Saturday evening with a nice 4 man limit and just sat down to clean them when they walked over. He just about lost it when he seen them in the cooler and said he would really like to tag along if we had room next time, if he came home safe. Being in the military myself, that really hit home hard, i told him (jokingly) to meet me outside tomorrow morning at 5:30 ready to go and get on some more walleye. Not thinking anything of it, my crew and i sat down the following morning drinking coffee getting ready to leave for geneva when my father looked outside and said "ill be damned, he really is here". Although we had a full boat to begin with, we all hopped in and headed for the lake. Needless to say, the 12 lb 4 oz walleye he landed on the first pass really set the mood for the day. 29 walleye later, we headed into shore with a 5 man limit and one of the best days on the lake i have had in years. Cant wait for him to get back this June so we can do it again. Ill see if i can find the pic and post it/
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    '07 was a great year. There's no way I could pick one favorite outing.

    The first annual Turtle Creek outing was spectacular.The weather and fishing GODS shined on us bigtime for that one. It was a great way to bring in the new season.

    Got invited to tag along with Lundy on his annual Lake Ontario salmon trip. My crew had a blast, and this one will go on the calender each year until I'm told I am no longer welcomed.

    I got to fish Lake Erie 65 times this past season with good friends.

    Fished the HawgFest in my own boat this year. Finished 14th with the help of Brother B.
    The whole HawgFest weekend was killer. Pre fished with Lundy, ate good food, and met a ton of new forum members.

    '07 was a good year.
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    I really enjoyed the OGF crappie tournament at Delaware. It was the first tournament for me and my wife. We caught a lot of crappie, finished 13th (not bad for newbies) but most of all enjoyed meeting so many fellow OGFers.

    But even better than that was the week we spent on Kodiak Island, Alaska fishing for halibut and salmon. Unbelievable fishing, beautiful scenery and lots of good fellowship with my wife, brother, sister-in-law, and the family that hosted us at the wilderness lodge where we stayed.

    Merry Christmas to all.

  8. K gonefishin

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    2007 will be one to remember for me as well.

    Getting a new Ranger

    There was no single one trip that I could say was the best but I do have many.

    Taking 2nd and big fish in the April LEWT

    Pulling 30 pounds in 2 hours to take 8th, we marked a huge fish on the bottom and Frank said catch it,4 seconds later the bottom bouncer rod doubled over I thought I had a snag and it started pumping, it was all over after that we smoked 30 fish in 2 hours with alot of pigs. I will never forget that day.

    Fishing with my dad on the new boat and seeing the grin on his face when he layed the hammer down and trimmed it up to WOT and then he caught the biggest walleye in his life a little later.

    Had a couple 50 fish days and 30 fish days with Gary Zart, Viper 205, Frank, Sell-Fish, Mike Miller, Jason, Tomm off Lorain, Cleveland, Kelley's, Geneva.

    The OGF outing was tops to and definetly a fun trip the whole weekend.

    I had fun all year long, I hit it very hard and did very well this year for size and numbers and I learned more of the lake and the ins and outs of different types of bites, looking forward to a great 2008

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my friends of OGF. :D :B
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    I had several memorable fishing trips with Columbusslim31 from this site, mostly at Hoover.

    In fact, Hoover has been my go to lake for the past few months. My most memorable day there I caught my PB saugeye @ 22", another 19" 'eye, 5 largemouth bass over 17" on consecutive casts w/ a vibee, something like a dozen crappie, and 6 or 8 nice white bass. It was unbelievable. Unfortunately I was alone that time. I must credit Misfit for advice on this spot, it has produced very well.

    I am looking forward to at least one more memorable trip before the year is over. hopefully tomorrow!
  10. My best trips were in the farm pond with my son (4) and on Lake Erie with him as well. He loves Playin' tag with cat fish (jugging), and can't wait to get his first Walleye. Other trips just don't compair.

    Best day from a pure catching view was on Erie in early July, just east of the lorain sand bar. My father-in-law and I each caught 15+ walleye in a coupple hours. We had a good steady bite going and almost had our limit, then we hit an active pod all hell broke loose. It was one of those times when you couldn't do anything wrong. The other boats around us were giving dirty looks as we tossed back fish after fish. We quit fishing while the getting was good-after having to release a coupple deep hooked eyes.
  11. o7 was no as productive in fish numbers. but just finding life altering healths promblems. i found a new joy fishing this year. like just sit,in there watching little things i,ve missed all those years,watching other people chath,in fish, looking forward to 2008, good lord willing and the creek don,t raise.
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    Although I had quite a few great days on Big Darby this year. The best fishing was when my father-in-law, my oldest son, and myself went to Canada.

    We fished a lot and bagged some of the biggest smallies I have ever laid eyes on. The best place was a little feeder creek into Lake Huron. Every evening about 6 we would head over there and catch fish on almost every cast. Can't wait for the trip next year!
  13. tomb

    tomb Tom B.

    Helping a friend catch his first muskie. I know it doesn't look like it from his expression in the photo, but he was like a little kid after bringing in this fish. A month afterward he was still showing pictures of it to anyone with eyes.
  14. I put my friend on his first muskie also. Then he was buying lures off ebay the next day.

  15. With me getting an erie worthy boat this year their were so many up and downs this year!!!! Taking my friends out and getting them fish ohio walleyes priceless!!!!!! losing my prop at the mosquito outing ...:mad: and priceless at the same time with the help of friends being towed in!!! but I will have to say that he best fishing trip that I had this year was at the turtle creek outing.... good freinds , good food, and unbeleivable fishing... All I can say is wow!!!!!!!
  16. duckman

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    My son and I jigging up spring walleye. He hooked up 2 fish of 27" or better hooting the whole time. The look on his face as he is saying I don't know if I can real this one in he keeps taking line... I like trolling but jigging is getting intimate with the fish... its his favorite as well now


    My son steelheading with me which was first for both of us. He really liked it even though we got skunked. He enjoyed the tailgate brunch in a skillet.


    The fishing adventure with Kgone & Viper "after" ice out with Blue dolphin checking out the new ride.
    My brother and uncle coming from a couple thousand miles away and actually putting them on fish for 2 days... with my brother reeling in some 6-8 pounders ... and loosing a fish at the net that could have eaten a cantaloupe it would have been the big fish of the season ...bought a new bigger net


    A great year on mother erie making 17 trips from columbus... building the ethanol still so I can do it again next year... lol

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    I'll throw out some pics of some forum friends that have fished aboard my boat.

    Eyesman with his personal best walleye, boated September 3rd, '07

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    Brother B, two 10 lb + fish boated may 9th at the Gold Coast

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    Commadore64 with two nice fish boated September 2nd at the sand bar

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    CW261 with a nice eye.

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