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  1. A lot of us travel to fish but might not find the good shops not local to us.
    What and where is your favorite shop?

    For me, it's Daves Bait in Vermillion (rarely get there, but he's helped me) and Kames near the Akron/Canton airport.

    What shops suit you and where are they?
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    Fishermans Quarters in dayton just off keowee st. and then here in springfield at C & J shoreline...they are really down to earth and will cut ya some nice deals...also if out of state, theres a shop over in Slate Run, Pa called Slate Run Tackle and Trout...one heck of a shop, they have an orvis fly shop in the back of it

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    Dave's Bait in Vermillion is the one stop for me. I make it a point to stop in each time out and purchase a few new spoons or cranks each trip. He treats us well and have no need to stop anywhere else. His everyday passion is ours and always seems to point us in the right direction.

    Thanks Bait Dave........

    AKA - Frequent Flyer Dave
    AKA - OGF Dave
    ahhh you know who I am, lol
  4. daves bait vermilion. hands down one of the top five shops ,I rate him #1. kames in north canton. gander/dicks in canton just don;t rate. maybe there just to far from the lake?
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    They sell CASE plastics. They are the best plastics around.
  6. krustydawg

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    Den's Sportsmans Outpost, Dave's Bait, and Cranberry Creek get 95% of my business. All very knowledgable Lake Erie Fisherman and good people !
  7. Erie Outfitters, hands down. Craig has the best prices around, plus a killer selection. If he doesn't have what you're looking for in stock, he'll get it.
  8. Fishermans Wharehouse on Williams Rd in Columbus and Mary's Bait Shop in Pancoastburg (Deer Creek area). These little shops tend to have a touch higher prices than the bigger stores but the service and knowledge are unbeatable. I'd rather give my money to the small private shops than the big chain stores anyhow. Fishermans Wharehouse gets my money for most my fishin gear and Marys gets it for my bowhunting goods.
  9. Cripple Creek for sure down here and Dave's Bait at the big pond.
  10. DAM that was fast!!! beat me to it !!! i agree on both!!!:D
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    No, Rodmakers Shop yet?? They'll get my vote! They'll go out of there way to get you something if it's not in stock. Good Group of guys.
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    in the pymatuning area, gateway bait and duck and drake. the guys there are both friendly and willing to pass along info. nice places to go and lean on the counter.
  13. NewbreedFishing

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    Fishermans Warehous/R&R Headquarters (Columbus)

    Fin, Feather,Fur (Ashland) is an awesome store but pricey!
  14. bmffishing247

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    When I lived in columbus and fished hoover I loved going to the old dutchman. I remember going there as a kid with my father as well. Good prices plus they made some good baits in house. I don't know if its still there but the old Red bank on hoover as well. Good people use to own them places too bad.

    Now i go to C&J shore and the boat house. Both great places.
  15. NewbreedFishing

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    the dutchman does get some pretty abscure lures/items.
    judy and her family are good folk.
  16. bmffishing247

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    Thats who it is Judy. Really great people I wish we had a place here in town like the dutchman.
  17. if im up at the lake, Herbs for sure.
  18. tubuzz2

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    Erie Outfitters and Denny's Sportsman Outpost.
  19. ShakeDown

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    R&R or Gander in Columbus
    Cranberry Creek & Dave's Bait on Erie
    Dale Hollow One Stop in TN...make us yanks feel welcome, which says a LOT.