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Favorite Fish Dinner

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by reel, Jan 10, 2005.

  1. My 5 favorite freshwater, fresh caught, eating fish, in order are:

    1. Bluegill
    2. Crappie
    3. Perch
    4. Walleye
    5. Trout

    Am I missing any better ones ?
  2. #1 perch
    #2 eye's
    #3 bass any kind
    #4 crappie
    #5 gill's

  3. I can't argue with your top 4 picks but I think I would add pike in above trout. In fact pike may rank even higher than walleye in my book.;)
  4. fffffish

    fffffish Muskie 1 Trolling Thunder

    1. Perch
    2. Walleye
    3. White Bass
    4. Bluegill / Sunfish
  5. Darwin

    Darwin If your gonna be a bear..

    1.) Crappie
    2.) Perch
    3.) Walleye
    4.) Channel Catfish (blackend, cajon style)
  6. Elamenohpee

    Elamenohpee Banned

    1. Gills
    2. Crappie
    3. Eyes
    4. Trout (liddil uns)
    5. Smoked Lake Trout ;)
    6. Perch
  7. catking

    catking Banned

    #1 - Bluegills

    #2 - Yellow Perch

    #3 - Talapia

    #4 - Walleye

    #5 - Blue Hake ............................. DA KING !!! :)
  8. Perch

    Perch Perch Addict

    #1 Perch

    #2 Perch

    #3 Perch

    #4 Perch

    #5 Perch

    :D :D :D :D :D
  9. My favorite fish dinner is:


    Fish lightly seasoned in the George Foreman grill with some red skinned potatoes and a few dill pickles. Doesn't get any better....
  10. 1) Ahi Tuna – sashimi or a grilled steak

    2) Hemingway trout

    3) Grilled Ono

    4) Blacken blue marlin

    5) Fried crappie
  11. What freshwater lakes are you fishing that you are coming up with those? I know you claim to hold many fishing titles. I just did not know you held the Ohio tilapia record as well.:D:D;)
  12. 1. pan fried perch caught thru the ice
    2. deep fried perch " " " " " " " " " "" "
    3. pan fried perch open water
    4 Crappie
    5 Bluegill
  13. almost forgot
    102,507,333 . CARP :-0
  14. 1- Perch
    3- Crappies
    4- Gills
    Aint Nothin Like Pit Perch! Some Are 14-18 Long. :)

    Cant Catch Any If You Dont Keep Your Line Wet!
  15. UFM82

    UFM82 The one others want to be

    They catch them in Texas now- also being farmed down there.

    Blue Hake? What in the name of goodness on this green Earth is a Blue Hake? Geeeze Us, King- how old are you??? LOL

    The best freshwater fish, bar none and I have eaten just about every brand out there, is fresh caught walleye from Northern Ontario. Bonk 'em on the head, strip off the fillets, wash 'em quick and dunk 'em in Fry Magic. 3 minutes a side in bacon grease. You'll think you died and went to fish eater's Heaven. Makes my mouth water just thinking about it. YUMMMM!


  16. You are right. Tilapia are farmed in freshwater but there are also salt water sub-species of tilapia as well. These are the ones that I was thinking of and I guess I always thought that they were all salt water fish. However, I did find some information on tilapia farms which appear to be fresh water.

    I would have been thinking the same thing on the blue hake before last week. As a matter of fact my wife bought some of it from the store. It was a pretty tasty fish as well. But I am pretty sure that they are a salt water fish. But as is evident in my earlier post, I can be found to be wrong at times.;)
  17. #1 Walleye

    #2 Yellow Perch

    #3 Talapia

    #4 Bluegill

    #5 Smelt

    #6 catfish

    #7 crappie

    #8 rainbows/browns

    #9 steelhead/salmon

    #10 bass smallmouth only
  18. catking

    catking Banned

    Talapia is a great tasting fish Turkeychaser :p And NO , I have yet to catch one......... Blue Hake ???? This is an EXCELLENT fish caught in the deep waters of New Zealand :cool: In fact , I'd rank it # 1 except I only eat it once in a while . Gills are hard to beat............. I see UFM crawled out from under his blankets :rolleyes: ..........BWAHAHAHAH.............. ~**~
  19. ...the farmed Talapia I have cooked came from California is what I was told but really who knows :eek: ...

    wasn't me questioning your taste buds and fish catching abilities catking.. :p
  20. #1 Perch
    #2 crappie
    #3 Gill's/Sunfish
    Ice fishing only

    From ice out till ice up it's C&R