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    would like to try making fatties but need info. sausagetype and how long in smoker and what is inside thanks for any info
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    For fatties I generally use a store brand sausage or a brand name if the price is right. My favorite is stuffed with onions, garlic, green pepper, jalapeno pepper and cheddar cheese. You can stuff a fatty with whatever you like. Change up the cheese or the veggie to suit your taste.

    Smoke until temps hit 160-170, pull them off and let them set a while.

    These are good eating just like that or take some the next morning and crumble in a pan, heat, then scramble some eggs in the fatty bits. Mmmmmmmmmmmm!

  3. sausage type is just a matter of taste or whats available locally. I've tried jimmy deans but prefer bob evans. either their regular or maple, again depending on your tastes. I coat mine with a pork rub and smoke at 225 for approx 3 hrs till 165 internal. you can stuff inside with a variety of things if you like...mushrooms, onions, cheese, peppers etc. i mostly do mine unstuffed. good eats!
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    okay,i've never heard of them but they sound great.
    someone clue me in.
  5. A "fattie" is simply a 1 pound "log" of sausage, such as bob evan's etc. You sprinkle a bbq "rub" on it or season it how you like it , then place on smoker and cook low and slow till done. Some folks will flatten them out and add things to the inside like jalopeno's, cheese etc then roll back up and smoke.

    They are great sliced with eggs, added to baked beans, or my favorite, "fatty gravy. here's a few pics.

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  6. Usually when somebody talks about smoking a fatty they are on a completely different subject.
  7. I just blew milk out my nose... thanks! :)
    I have never heard of these, but am on the way to my local butcher to get some bulk sausage!