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Spent Fathers Day on the Lake with my son Brian, his girlfriend Erica and her father Ron. Could not ask for a better day! We launched out of Lorain around 2:00. I needed time to let my head come back to normal size after my daughters graduation party the night before. I'm not as young as I used to be.

The first fish of the day was spunky steelhead. He gave a nice areal show, jumping at least 5 times. We ended up with our 24 walleye and 2 steelhead. We also lost 2 more steelhead. Most fish came off of 30 jets pulled behind boards. But we also pulled a bunch off of dipsies 95' back on a 3 setting. Copper confusion and copper blueberry muffin were the best colors. We finished up and had the boat back on the trailer by 8:30.

We fished straight north of Lorain from 38' to 50' of water.

There was a DNR officer doing a creel survey back at the ramp. He said that there were reports of lots of steelhead taken in close. They should be out on the 40 or 41 line right now. They are still very close to shore right now mixed in with the walleye
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