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Fathers Day Morning At Cc

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by BANDIT, Jun 20, 2004.

  1. Got there before the boaters, 6:30, not by much though... :D The two biggest ones caught on succesive casts, thought it was going to be a great morning only one more after that, left at 11 north ramp boat lot was full. Might take the kids and go back this evening.




    Oh Yeah, all on a BANDIT, couldn't buy a hit on a worm or spinnerbait.
  2. skipjack11

    skipjack11 retread member

    I put in at the North ramp about 6AM.,fished until 10AM. Caught one small saugeye on a Rattle Trap while casting at a school of whites,one small saugeye on a Hot N Tot,and nothing on my muskie baits.

  3. Got this on the evening trip, played around more with the kids than fished but great time was had by all....Yep it came on a Bandit also.... ;)


  4. Dad and I fished Caesar's on Saturday from 4 to 8 pm and had a great day bassin'. We started out throwing shad color stick baits but the water was too stained and we weren't getting any hits even though we could see bass chasing shad just under the surface and busting bait fish. We switched to white buzzbaits and things got good. Our two biggest went 17" and 16.5" and we got 6 around 14-15" and a few others around 12" one of which was a smallie and another was a spotted, we missed several fish as well. I think the 15" limit on that lake is really working, especially when one takes into account how much pressure the lake gets. We had a lot of fun watching the bass come out of the murky water to nail the buzz baits, I never get tired of seeing that. The fish were all very fat and very pale. We also saw some big schools of fish just under the water surface. The water was too stained to see what the fish were, we could just see a blob moving under the surface. If we chugged our buzzbait over the blob, the school would break up for a minute then reform, I figure they were shad but they may have been carp. We got all our fish in very shallow water back in the coves near Wellman.

  5. Did that drum swallow the hook?

    I can catch HUGE (16-20") all day long at CC, and 19 out of 20 will swallow the hook.

  6. my bandit crankbait, the entire bait was inside of his mouth. Put him in the livewell gave him some fish dope, he was fine when I let him go... ;)
  7. ALter, I couldn't buy a hit on a spinnerbait or buzzbait, saw the schools of shad (picked up several of them on the hummingbird) you were talking about up by the little island north of the big island by the ramp there which I do not know it's name. Saw one feeding frenzy there but couldn't get a hit throwing my bait into it and it only lasted approx. 1 min then they were gone. I fished mostly up by the bridge in the evening. Great job on your catch by you and your father.... :)
  8. WOW them are some nice pics there BANDIT ? Do you eat those Drums.....? is so how are they..
  9. When I was a kid we fished the Little Miami River at Foster's all the time and we did eat the ones we caught there. I have not eaten any out of cc. Jayjc77 may be able to help you out on that one.... :)
  10. I'm not sure if I have ever heard of anyone eating a drum. I always thought that they were kind of creepy looking. :D

    Has anyone ever tried a drum?

    Maybe we could have a OGF fear-factor style tourney to see if fish no one eats are tasty ??? :eek: