Fathers Day, Mentor Lagoons, Ohio

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    Went out yesterday, Fathers day, from Mentor Lagoons.
    Not much info on the radio, so decided to look for fish in close and work out as needed. Headed East from the Lagoons, toward Fairport, and started marking fish in 25 fow. Set up with 30 jets back 55 and 40 jets back 40 on the big boards, also had riggers 15 down and 30 back.
    We set all rods with worm harness's best were the ones with black blades.

    We fished from 8 till about 12 noon, and ended te day with 10 walleye in the box and at least that many that were knock off's and dropped at the back of the boat.
    Found that are best was the North to South and South to North trolling patterns. Starting in 25 and working out to 36 or so and returning. We managed to catch NO fish on the East to West and West to East.

    All in all was a Great day to be on the water.

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  2. Looks like a good day out there ,i see you didn t have to go out far either...Congrats nice eaters ther.......

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