Fatal deer hunting accident .

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    Saw on the news a fella from Florida was up in Ashtabula county today deer hunting with a group and was shot, nothing else was said about who did it, up in New York this past weekend a fella mistook his neighbor for a deer same results in the end. That would b hard to live with for sure..
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  3. According to Erie,PA news , there was a fatal hunting accident in Monroe Twp., Ohio, which is on Rte.7 South of I-90
  4. And the NY guy was hunting 30 minutes after sundown.
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    It is legal to hunt deer up to 30 mins after sundown in Ohio.
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  6. I guess in NY it's sundown. Plus it was a 200 yard shot with a pistol. Maybe a ricochet? Sounds like she was walking 2 yellow labs. Maybe their tail wagging looked like a whitetail ? Tragedy, none the less.

    "The Chautauqua County sheriff’s office said Rosemary Billquist, of Sherman, took her dogs for a walk in her home town near the Pennsylvania border around 5.30pm on Wednesday.

    Deputies said Billquist was walking in a field when a man hunting nearby mistook her for a deer and shot her once with a pistol.

    The hunter heard her scream, called 911 and stayed with her until emergency crews arrived. Billquist was taken to a hospital in Erie, Pennsylvania, where she was pronounced dead.

    Officials said the shooting occurred about 40 minutes after sunset, when it is illegal to hunt. Police said the hunter had not been charged and the investigation was continuing."
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    I actually hunt with the guys from Monroe and have for years. I was supposed to be there and normally would have been. I has vacation scheduled for this week but had to make up a day at work. All I can think about is that could have been me. I have spoken to the three others that were with them and they are not sure what happened. It is a horrible situation and I pray hard for everyone involved.
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    Holy cow prayers sent for you as well as them and theirs.
  9. Years ago I would fish a local impoundment, (Greenfield Lake)around this time of year. The one time, Shots just started flying, and then some guy pops up at the edge of a tee line. Yelled something like sorry. Climb my sorry A-- out of the lake and went on home and do not fish public areas during hunting season anymore.
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    Heard the news from Chuck last night. What a terrible accident. Sad.
  11. Anyone heard anymore details on this?
  12. This could have been an innocent accident but there are definitely people out there hunting who should never have a gun in hand. I grew up in Coshocton County and a lot of people came in from all over to hunt. Farmers had to spray paint orange on llama's, put orange vest on their dogs, etc. to avoid dumb people shooting at them. This may be an urban legend but one guy in the factory I worked at supposedly had shot a donkey during deer season thinking it was a deer.
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    He has since been indicted by the grand jury and charged with Manslaughter as well as the hunting after hours offense.
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  14. I quit hunting for a few years when public was the only option.....and very picky who I hunt with now....even on my place
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    I can say the bullet did not come from inside the group other then that it is still an active investigation and they are unsure of what happened. They may never know exactly what happened for sure.
  16. Fall of '93.....
    I was at my 1st year of college at Hocking College in Nelsonville, worked the check in station..... Old man comes up and is beaming from ear to ear about the "massive buck" he shot. 3 of us went out to his truck and couldn't believe what we saw..... Had to break the news to him that he had shot a goat! It was even field dressed.
    He was 78 years old and had never hunted before.
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  17. This is probobly one of the funniest stories ive read on here!
    A goat!

    I quit going out during gun season quite a few years ago. The farm i had access to let everyone and there brother onto the property at the time.
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    Back in the early 80's in New York some yoyo was driving around with his "massive buck" when someone informed it was an elk. NY was trying to establish an elk herd, they were protected and he bagged one. I saw the article in the Port Allegheny newspaper while in PA hunting.
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  19. I'll never forget one of the most memorable sayings from my father when getting ready for opening day when I was a young man. We were at a Walmart in an unnamed city in southern Ohio the night before opening day. He said "look around, these are the guy's you'll be hunting around"! It was quite the site and to this day makes me a little weary as we always hunt public land for gun season. Hope they figure out what really happened. Stay safe and know what's behind your deer before you shoot please!
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  20. I refuse to deer hunt till I can find private property to hunt again. When i was younger I remember sitting in a small diner with my old man eating lunch after hunting that morning and hearing the guy sitting behind us talk about taking a sound shot. My old man turned around and ask him what a sound shot was his response was when you hear something moving through the bush that you can't see and you shoot at it anyways