Fat Saugeye

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  1. Had my Dad out at Salt Fork on Wednesday.Found a lot of baitfish but not much else.He did get one:B that was only 25in.long but weighed in at 8lb. Never have seen a fish that fat!!!It had 2 big tubes of eggs in it along with a lot of fat!!! Tried to get him to put it on the wall,but he has other plans for it.

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  2. Congratulations thats a really nice Saugeye.

  3. When you only get one fish those are the ones you want. Thats a Dandy!! Great job.
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    Nice Fish! My wife and I are planning on hitting the dam area New Years Eve... Just got back on line, we just finished a move, so this is the first time on in awhile. Hope everyone has a great New Year!!!
  5. Wow! what a porker. Did that one come from deep water (30+) like the ones you caught last week?
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    25 inches,8 pounds?that IS a porker.nice catch.
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    Now thats a nice FAT saugeye. Nice catch.
  8. Nice fish! A lot of the saugeye I have saw lately have been very fat.
  9. Evidently everything puts on weight during the Holidays !! :D

    I know I sure have !!

    Nice fish !!
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    great fish, thanks for sharing!
  11. That fish was in 30-32ft.of water right in a big school of shad.
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    WOW thats a PIG saugeye !!! CONGRATS !!
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    went out with the better half on sun. looking for an eye like that, caught 1 hammer handle and some crappie... water temp. 35-37 degrees, found small scattered schools of shad. fished vibes in the over 30 foot water- must not be holding my mouth right... saw 6-7 other boats near the dam, noone was doing anything. still, a day on the water! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!!!!
  15. Wow that is one fat saugeye for sure. I bet it put up a great fight.
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