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  1. Last night I bought a 6'6" Lite action St. Croix spinning rod. The rod also states that it is "fast action", what does this mean?
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  3. Only the top third of your rod will bend.

    slow action = the whole rod bending.
  4. Hey Rick, I checked out the link. After reading the info. it seems like I can get a harder hookset on a slow action rod, and lighter set on fast. I bought the rod for small bass (3 lbs. or less), crappie, and other sunfish. But, I always like for my equipment to be adequate if a large bass comes along. It sounds as if the bass is too big, or in vegetation/lilly pads, I might have a hard time getting solid hooksets on this fast rod. What do you think?
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    actually that is not enough rod for those conditions.a m/heavy or heavy rod with a fast tip is best.the fast tip gives you a better feel for what's going on at the business end of your line.
    the action vs. power aspects of a rod can get confusing with the way many are labled.your rod is fine for other applications,but for bigger fish and/or fishing cover,it's not the tip that's wrong,but the overall power.