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  1. I am going fishing at an old farm pond fishing on the 10th. I was told that there are huge cats and normal cats in it, and being able to get up to it in my wheel chair with ease sounds awesome.
    I was wondering if anybody had any ideas to increase my luck with catching cats, since I usaully don't have any lol.

    1. what types of baits should I use?
    2 how big of a hook should I use?

    any information would be helpful

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    If you could get ahold of some shad I would try that first, on a 5/0 circle hook..If not the old standbuy chicken livers and nightcrawlers should produce..I use smaller hooks when fishing with those baits, usually a 1/0..I take it the fish in the pond are channel cats? I would suspend one bait appx 3ft under a float, and the other I would fish on the bottom using a slip sinker rig.

  3. I would 2nd the shad or even a bluegill 4"-6" under a float 3'-5'. That has worked well for me. May even get a bonus bass or 2. The circle hooks are also a great idea, makes unhooking alot less of a chore and much easier on the fish if you are releasing them.
  4. 88

    What works good for me in my pond for the cats is blue gill, as cut bait, fished on the bottom.
  5. H2O Mellon

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    I guess Gills would be my answere since thats most likely the natural food for the channels. Good luck, sounds like your going to have a blast. Take some pics for us.
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    Chiken liver friend caught a 36" channel cat in his pond.
  7. If you want the biggest cats in the pond fish with live or cut bluegills. Use 4/0 to 5/0 hooks. If you use the bluegills cut, select bluegills that are 6" or larger and cut them in half, I will use the head half and use the tail half for chum. I agree with flathunter about suspending a bait beneath a float as long as you observe baitfish feeding on or near the surface. At night fish the shallow end of the pond in 3 feet of water give or take a foot and during the daytime fish the deepest portion on the bottom or slightly suspended above. If you are using live gills select specimens from 4-6" in lenght which is sufficient to catch whatever catfish exist in the pond. I am telling you from experience to not use the chicken livers or the shad. Chicken livers generally 99% of the time attract hits from the smaller members of the catfish population. Shad are not available in 99% of ponds and are foreign to those catfish, not to say they would not eat them but not as readily as gills. As far as nightcrawlers go, they could be considered a good option in many ponds because they are generally a natural forage in run-off or streamfed ponds after a good rain. Good Fishing
  8. Don`t give up on the liver so easy.A 2 or 3 size j-hook with fresh liver 1 foot off the bank at night is deadly.Deeper during daylight.Good luck.