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Fantasy Football?

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by Rooster, Feb 4, 2005.

  1. I know that OGF had a league last year, but are there any openings left for next year? If not, any interest in starting another league (8,10, or 12 teams)?
  2. Right here! I love fantasy football. I would be game for either, just let me know.


  3. AndroDoug

    AndroDoug Duke of Bucketmouth

    I had posted on this very subject during this past years' league end of the year thread. There IS an interest and I bet we can can get at LEAST 1 more if not 2 or 3 additional leagues together, with fewer teams in each league as this years' version.

    I think we would have a universal set of rules and would be able to have a "fictional" super-champ with a week 17 free-for-all game between the 3 or 4 league champs (as usual league champ games are held on week 16). Maybe we will do a combination points scored of weeks 16 AND 17 amongst the champs to make the super-champ!

    I have volunteered to be one commish, and whoever the commish was this past time would be one too. I bet Discgolfer would be interested maybe in heading one as KSUflash maybe too. I have already thought of a bunch of details and ideas to toss out when the time comes again.

    I am on top of it and we WILL have multiple leagues next year and have some serious FUN! :)
  4. I'll help in anyway I can too... that was a ton of fun...
    But gezzzzz this season is still not over LOL
  5. i'll commish 1 of the leagues if the powers that be let me. no prob. but it is time to think baseball now. maybe an ogf baseball league? i may have a few openings in my baseball league too if anyone is interested.
  6. What kind of BB league is it?