fancy rest. in akron area?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by alighthouse, Oct 14, 2008.

  1. Can anyone sugg. a nice rest. to goto in the akron area for sat evening? Was thinkin somethin that had a band playin durnin dinner or panio player...

    Thanks for your input

  2. Hetfieldinn

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    Hard to beat the Diamond Grill or Nick Anthe's. You won't find a band at either place, though. Dinner and a few drinks will set you back about $80 (not including tip). The food is excellent, and the service is top notch.
  3. BrianSipe17

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    FYI Diamond Grill doesn't take plastic (or at least they didn't used to)... so bring cash, if you make those plans.
  4. Tangiers is the fanciest! Diamond Grill has the Best Steak in Akron! All the golf pros eat there when the Firestone Tournament is going on.
    Little story: I went to the Diamond Grill once about 25 years ago as a guest of a struggling saleman, who many would recognize his name(but I won't divulge it), who tried to pay with a credit card that was over the limit. They 'were' going to take it had it been viable. I'm not sure if that might have something to do with why they quit taking them or not. By the way, the man died a multimillionaire a few years back!!
  5. Diamond Grill still takes NO Plastic, Ken Stewarts , Hyde Park Grill,and Flemings are all upscale resturants as well. I have heard the place at Shearton in the Falls is supposed to be excelllent and I believe they have music. Now I'm not sure of the spelling but believe it is called Pieata Novo, this maybe far off but thats how it sounds.
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    I second Ken Stewarts. The one in Fairlawn. Haven't been to the one in Bath/Richfield since it changed to Ken Stewarts II.
  7. I hate to row against the current on this one but I would not recommend Tangiers as an eatery -it has decent entertainment but the food has not been good for a number of years. And he Diamond Grille can serve a very average meal too.

    In Akron Ken Stewart's is the best and another great meal is served at Russo's in Cuyahoga Falls. Russo's can be a little loud but the cooking is some of the best in the area. And if you are dressed fancy try Lannings in Bath- its another great spot.

  8. I agree that Tangier sells atmosphere...NOT great food. It is vastly over-rated in my opinion.
    My choice remains Lanning's on Cleveland Massillon Rd near the Ghent Rd exit off I77. Fantastic place. It's our favorite for real special occasions.
  9. lannings is real nice and not cheap at all last time me and my wife went there prolly 5 years ago it was about $110. ken stewarts lodge is super nice. i would suggest the olde harbor inn. make a reservation for a window seat. they have a piano player playing its super nice. no doubt best filet ive ever had. flemmings is nice. tangier is gross. diamond grill is good too but i dont think its that fancy.