Falls Outdoor Sports. (Cuyahoga Falls)

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  1. Has anyone heard anything about falls outdoor sports (Tackle shack) recently? It has been quite sometime since they had the fire and it hasn't looked like much progress has been made to the interior. I remember after it happened the guy said on OGF it would take about 4 months. However, it has been close to that I believe and it doesn't even look like it's close to reopening. I'm worried that the fire has forced them to close permanently. Anyone heard anything?
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    I drive by there pretty often and there doesn't appear that they have done any work since the fire. I was there the day after the fire and was told that they would be back up and in normal operation in 2 months. Well it has been well over 2 months and nothing......That was my go to bait store but now that I have been going to Mark's(lake rockwell) I will probaly never buy from FOS again anyways. Mark has better selection and way better prices. FOS seemed to cater more to hunters IMO and the tackle selection was pretty weak anyways. Bring back the TACKLESHACK if you ask me

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  4. According to the guys from r.C.Norman who gutted the place after the "fire"both previous owners are long gone and have even moved away.
    Where to buy bait around N Akron etc. now?
  5. That's a shame. Such a convenient location for me. Zach's...where is lake rockwell?
  6. If in the area, try Mog. B&T for good selection of fishing items. They have more than you might think if you haven't been in there say in the past 6-10 months or so. November Bait and Gun down the road on Rt.43 has bait and basics, some ice stuff and a lot of hunting as well.
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    It is in Ravenna on Lake Rockwell rd. Mark's live bait. He has a nice little setup at his house with just about anything you need.
  8. If you haven't been in this new store yet give it a shot. It just opened on Manchester road and it has a tackle selection that would beat even the chain stores in Akron. I hope things go well for them because they already take up about three pages of my Chrsitmas list.

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    For crankbaits, plastics, and other general tackle LAND BIG FISH is just as good as Ohio or North Carolina's Bass Pro Shops and better than Michigans Cabelas. Prices are the same also. You can check them out at www.landbigfish.com
  10. I was at Land Big Fish this morning. Awesome store, nice people, many hard to find lures. Seems to me the prices were slightly higher than most places but huge selection.
  11. its a shame to see falls outdoor sports go though, the guys in there always put you on the fish and it was real close to my house
  12. zachtrouter you are right about Marks Bait on Lake Rockwell Rd. He has more tackle than we need, The only thing about your Post is you say he has about anything , I think he has everything even he doesn"t know where it is , I took a friend over and he asked mark for something, I don't remember what it was now. Mark told him he had it somewhere in the house, took my friends telephone No. called him two weeks later he found it. I bought a dozen of hand tied jigs of him a month ago, Marks is the place for us fishermen.
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    I've had 2 chances to move to a storefront, but would rather stay here and keep the prices as low as possible.It's the sole reason I started selling fishing gear. I was fed up with what the stores charged and am trying to do something about it.I myself miss walking into those old baitshops with the dust covered lures hanging on the walls.I do have quite an inventory for such a small place, and like you said, I will find it for you even if it takes me a couple of weeks!!!!!!! My buddies refer to me as the guy with the 100,000 lures.The problem with that is I know I have way more than that.If you have lost your favorite lure in the past 30 years, I have it here somewhere..............Mark