Falls Out Door Sport Show

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  1. I Just Got Off The Phone With Jim Bibler. Looks Like All The Booths Are Sold Out. Was Told That There Will Be 30-40 Diffrent Tackle Venders. Also Some Hunting Booths. He Has Some Guy Coming In That Makes Hand Made Bows. He Will Actually Be Carving Them At The Show. Also Kdt Meats Will Have Their Booth Set Up. Make Sure You Stop By, They Pass Out Great Free Samples. Show Is Sat/sun.
    Opens At 9:00 Am Till 7:00 Sun Will Be 9:00 Till 5:00. Hope To Meet Some Of You There.
  2. What is the location of this show.

  3. I think this is the one at the corner of State Rd and West Bath Road. It's about a mile north of State Road Shopping Center.
  4. Sounds like a good line up. I'll be there for the opening Saturday Morning! Is Chris Bibler still doing taxidermy?
  5. There is a "sticky" thread about the show in The Lounge as well as the NE section...

    Great show. Congrats Jim for filling it up!

    OGF would be there, but I'm heading to Presque Isle for the weekend!
  6. Ill be there saturday sometime with Alan Farver...
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    Carl, you saying there is no OGF booth this year? That was pretty fun hanging out around the booth last year and telling people about this site.
  8. Yeah... Last year, I got pretty burned out with all the shows... I'm on vaco this week and hitting Presque Isle Bay. Just got back, as a matter of fact. Going back Saturday AM early for the day.

    So far this year, I've done IX Boat show, Columbus show, two Gander Mtn ice fishing seminars, and am doing the FHRRA show March 1 and 2...

    Thank goodness there's some ice to get out on!!! :D
  9. No. He is not.
  10. i hope this isnt spam.

    stop by the Kampercity booth and say hi. i will be there all day sunday. and from 4pm till close on sat. remember ogf member get a disc.
  11. Thanks for thinking of the members "pabaker".
  12. alan farver

    alan farver purple raiders softball

    will be leaving at 8 in the morning should take about 1 hr.to get there if the roads aren't to bad and i can find it
  13. alan farver

    alan farver purple raiders softball

    went today great show if anyone is thinking about going i would highly suggest going alot of good tackle the guy making the bows was awesome
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    Got some great deals. If you like Storm baits like I do you'd love this show. A guy was selling Hot-N-Tots, Mid Warts, and Thundersticks (including 6in shallow thunder) for $2.50. Actually 4 for $10.
    Also got a Super Spook for topwater pike/musky fishing for $5.
    Got a good deal on large spool of line at the Norton Marine booth.

    Got to meet Snake too - good to meet you man

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    Went today with my son and my pops. Pretty good selection of lures for a good price. Got some great deals on some bomber A's and rapala rattle traps. $2-$3. Going back tommorow to look around and find some more deals. Not the greatest selection of rod/reel combos though.
    The bow carver was crazy. His work was flawless and all of the bows were very nice. Saw 2 guys and a younger guy at the booth but didnt see who was doing the carving. Very cool to see. Also saw a bowand arrow made by an indian carved and shaped out of sticks. It was a true collector's piece. Also had some pics of native americans and different bows in the display case with it. All in all I thought it was a good show with alot of good deals!
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    Went to the show and spent quite a bit. Good to meet you too Brian. Didn't meet many from here like I thought I would. Of course with so many people, it's hard to know who's who. I fixed that by putting on a name tag, of course that's how Brian (Triton 175) noticed me, so I guess it worked. I too bought quite a few of the Storms, thought it was a dam good price. Best buy of the day tho, had to be the Richter anchor for $20 from Bob Why. Good to meet you too and hope we can connect again for the much needed compass!! I spent about $150 there, so I did pick up 3 or 4 lures...maybe 5..:D I thought it to be a decent small show.
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    Sounds like a great show sorry I had to miss it.
    Does anybody have a name & number for the Bow Carver?
  18. I'm going to the show today. I'll get his info and PM it to you.
  19. Snake, Good to meet you also. This has to be one of the best shows in the area. Much rather go there than to the IX center. Spent a lot of time at Mark's table and a large chunk of change. Left there and went to Land Big Fish Tackle. Dropped a large chunk of change there to. Really nice store. Put's Dick's to shame. He did give me a 5% OGF discount. Any of you guys get into Akron, make sure you stop and see them. You won't be sorry.
    Now next weekend for the FHRRA Outdoor Adventure Show and the Sportsmans Outdoor Gear Flea Market at the Medina Fairgrounds on Sunday
    and then the Rodmaker's Shoppe Mar 15th and the 2008 Vermilion Outdoor Sports Flea Market on Mar 29th. Don't know if I'll have enough money to get through March.