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  1. this is going to sound completely stupid, but here it goes. my son is finally big enough to wade with me. if he falls and his waders fill up, what exactly should i tell him to do? i mean, should he point feet downstream and try to float or what?

    thanks...i am sure others have wondered about this as well:)
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    I have no advice as for falling, but if you have any doubt once so ever about the safety of wading its probally not a good idea.
    I would also suggest a wading belt to prevent his waders from filling up.

  3. I've fished in Alaska for years and it is really dangerous up there. I'd suggest neopreme(sp?) waders. I've fell many times and these waders will suck up against you and are much warmer than rubber. But as always when a child is involve, you can't be to safe. Hope this helps
  4. i would never let him wade in a real strong current or anything like that, but we've all fallen at one time or another. i've never had or seen a wading belt, what is it?
  5. As said if there is any doubt dont wade.But sometimes falling just cant be helped but felt bottems with cleats will help alot.Its kind of like 4 wheel drive for you feet.Many times while crossing slate and moss coved rocks, my buddys are doing the splits and flailing all around while I never even slip.I dont know if your son has boot foot waders if so you can buy felt and put sheet metal screws in the sole.If stocking foot I have Chota STL boots and love them.

    mountain,the make wading belts but any belt will work.Heck I have seen guys just tie a piece of rope around themselves.
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    an inflatable life preserver or wading belt would be best,especially an automatic inflate preserver.
  7. Unhook the shoulder straps and get the heck outta dodge!!
  8. I have fallen in rubber, neoprene, and breathable waders. Other than getting wet and having a little water in my waders I have never had a problem. A buddy of mine got these for his kids and they work great. I personally saw one take a header in them and only got about a cup of water into them. They have an elastic top which will hold them tight to his body and also adjustable suspenders. They also have felt soles for those slippery rocks. Here is the link for them.


  9. My 11 year old wears neoprenes with felt soles and a life jacket undernearth. They fit so tight with the life vest under them that a belt is not needed.
  10. this is the best advice if they've fillin up pretty high the only thing you can do is get them off, my dad told me your waders can be replaced you cant
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    I went down a set of class 2-3 rapids with a salmon on.

    feet out front ...rod held high and a 25lb. male king leading the way!! what a ride!!
    actually landed the fish which was foul hooked:p
    actually had guys betting on the bank that i was going in....someone lost!!:C

    a wading belt and korker sandles (which are cumbersome) or the felt clet waders are highly recomended. they also make wading staffs for swift current. half the fun of fishing in waders is seeing some bozo go down.
    it sucks when its you though:D
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    best idea yet!!

  13. I have a deal with all the guys I fish with, if I fall I expect you to laugh and I will extend the same courtesy if you fall.
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    swantucky i am going to come up and fish with you next spring.

    while we are on this subject. i just this week threw out my original set of neo. waders R.I.P. i bought a @ dunhams right before they folded in 1992. Red Ball, i def. got my moneys worth!

    suggestions on new wadeers please. i mostly fish cold water ....should i stay with neopreme??
  15. I fish the Maumee from March till May almost daily and I have been using the same Gander Mountian 5mm neoprenes for I believe 5 years. I think I paid around $115 for them, money well spent.
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    The old adage "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound cure" comes to mind. Put a belt on so whatever kind of waders he wears they won't fill up with water. Then he won't have to worry about how to get out of them if he falls. Seems reasonably simple to me...I wear light weight waders with felt soles but I never hit the river without the belt on...better safe than sorry!!
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    I've never used wades yet, and need educated about them as I plan to soon start steelie fishing.

    If they don't fill up with water and have air in them, wouldn't that flip your head under to where you maybe couldn't get your head back up? They would float like a bobber and keep your head under?

    And the life preserver would then also bring your head to the surface as well, IF you have one on?
  18. thanks for alll the responses!
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    A wading belt is any ol' belt used snugly around the chest or waist. It will slow the speed of the water filling the waders.

    Also, waders filled with part water and part air will not flip your feet above your head (as suggested by one reader). If your waders fill, you will still be able to stand up or swim to the surface, you will just have a more difficult time than without water in your waders.

    The two things that will keep you safest when wearing waders are (1) wear a wading belt, and (2) wear a life jacket (and NOT one of the new types that require manual inflation).