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fall Steelhead tips

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Big_Boy, Aug 10, 2007.

  1. I was wondering if anybody has any Steelhead tips for this Fall. Like Where to to, How to set it up, and what to use and what to wear.

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  2. Go to the 'steelhead' forum. Look thru the history and/or click the 'Search' option (above) to look for explicit streams or methods. Over three years of knowledge online, so you can find the general info and ask explicit questions when needed.

  3. where: The local stocked rivers are the Vermillion, Rocky, Chagrin, Grand Rivers plus Conneaut Creek. Other rivers, creeks and tribs get fish but less of em.
    when: Depends on the water temps, daylight length, rainfall. I plan on starting after the first big rain around mid september.
    how: Too much info to type in here. There are a few books specific to fishing for steelhead in the Great Lakes area some you can find at the library. Bob Nagy's book is a good one for the Ohio tribs.
    My suggestion is to find a park on a nearby river where you see guys with waders on during steelhead season and concentrate on learning that one spot. My first year at this I didn't do well because I drove around alot looking for fish. After gas prices went up I limited myself to the Rocky which is 10 minutes away. I learned specific spots and met a lot of nice, helpfull people (and a few jerks) that taught me what I needed to know. I'm no expert yet but I went from catching zero fish to 1 or 2 every outing. Don't be afraid to mention to people you are new at this and you will find there are those that get as much of a thrill helping others hook up and they do catching fish themselves.
  4. you might also want to read "Steelhead Float Fishing" by Jim Butler. Alot of good info there too.
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  6. There's no steelhead in Ohio's rivers!:D Somebody has been telling you stories!
  7. Walk the rivers now and look for deep holes, runs, under water structure and under cut banks near gravel. There will be steelhead there when they start running. How to catch them? You'll have to figure that out by trial and error. Or you can get together with someone who knows how to consistently get into fish and shorten the learning curve.
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