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Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by mkombe, Oct 6, 2008.

  1. mkombe

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    Im looking to take the girlfriend out fishing this weekend. I was possibly thinking about walking the Big Nut or Olentangy.

    She doesnt cast too well so i wanted to float a bobber for her. Im very, very inexperienced when it comes to river/smallie fishing so i wanted to see if this would work. Im guessing small jig head with live minnow attached would be fine but im not sure.

    Any techniques anyone could recommend would be great. I dont want her to go out and not enjoy it so if i could just get her on a few hits even it would probably get her excited enough to come back.

    Also, is the water low enough for us to be able to walk without waders in most spots?
  2. I have always did well regardless of season with nice lively bass minnows.

  3. mkombe

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    Would the proper way to use a bobber on one of the rivers to be just casting upstream and let it run down stream and repeat?
  4. i used minnows for the first time at my favorite smallie stream and the action was ridiculous (i always use lures but decided to find out how big the fish really got). anways, i just used a small hook and a small bobber (important to use small bobber so fish does not feel a lot of resistance).

    anways, i suggest finding deep pools where the minnow wont get you caught up and just casting upstream (like you said) and letting it drift through the deepest spots. you should catch a ton of fish.

    you will doubtlessly run into countless rock bass as well, which might not be a bad thing if you are taking your girlfriend because they are still fun to catch and she wont get bored (plus i landed a freakshow rockbass last week that was just under 14 inches).

    hope this helps
  5. the only problem with the river wading is it is gonna seem cold to the gf and she will never wanna get in it again. and god forbid you see a snake, although i think it might be a bit chilly to see them by the water right now
  6. I dont even use a bobber or weight, I just cast upstream and let the current bring it back down past you, the weight of a descent bass minnow will allow for a descent cast and without weight the minnow has more freedom to flutter and struggle which drives the bass nuts.
  7. mkombe

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    Well she wont worry about the cold water but she will have a heart attack if she sees a snake. Took her on a wave runner on lake erie before and there were plenty of water snakes up there. Just about lost it everytime she saw one. It would be nice if it was too cold to see them.

    I will go ahead and try to have her just use minnies without a bobber. Im looking forward to it and thanks for all the advice everyone.

    Whats the lure of choice right now. I was thinkin twister tail with a jig? Any colors working well right now?
  8. symba

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    Chartreuse. 2" or 3" on a small jighead. If not chart then white. It seems like they love the quick bright flash right now.

    As far as the GF adventure; I was out today in chest waders, sweat pants, and long johns and it will still nippy in the wind. I did end up getting a dozen with a 16" fatty. #4 baitholder minnow tipped under a small slip bobber. I love chasing smallies, but the shoreline is too restricing and she might not like 50* water. And you might not like her complaining about it. Trust me, i know how it goes ;)

    Why not do some catfishing? There are plenty of places to catch some beasts in central ohio, and im sure that she would love to reel in a 3-10 lb channel. Just a suggestion.
  9. Circle hooks are great for live bait smallie fishing. It may take you a few bites to figure them out, but the fish is always hooked in the corner of the mouth and rarely will they ever swallow the hook.
  10. mkombe

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    Thanks everyone for all the info.


    If you were cold wearing that, then she will definitely be complaining :mad: . I wanted to hit the rivers once this year cause i havent done it yet. Unfortunately my only fishing buddy moved out to Oregon ( which i def need to hit up)

    I wouldnt mind getting her on some cat fish. I took her to Sebastien FL last year and caught 10 - 25 lb Jacks, 49" Baracuda. You wanna talk about a fight, she had to put on the belt and everything just to land them.

    Maybe ill wade myself and just take her fishing for some cats. What waterway would you recommend?
  11. I'm usually into Largemouth fishing, but seeing as I don't have a boat, I was looking for a little more action. I read a lot of the threads on stream smallie fishing, and realized that I never considered going to the creek, until now. What a great time I've been having!! I must not be fishing the twister tails right because I never get anything on them (anybody with retrieve hints would be greatly appreciated). Funny thing is is that my second time out i found a countdown crank in a tree and decided to try it out.......Well that's what I've been useing exclusively, and I've caught plenty. I try twisters and tubes but don't get any bites. I plan on purchasing some more cranks on payday (friday), such as the Rebel Craw, and one or two minnow rapalas, but I would like some info on how to fish the soft baits (mainly Mr.twtister). I have the 1/8 ounce jig heads (white,chartuese, or black) and white,chatuese,orange, and yellow twister tails. I fish Big Walnut under Hoover because it's right up the street from my house.
  12. tcba1987

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    id try using some 3-5 inch creek chubs under a bobber.............drift them through an eddy area or deep pools..........TROPHY smallies love the bigger baits and you might even catch a few pike and saugeyes too !!! here lately ive had pretty good luck on 3-5 inch suckers on a bottom rig for saugeyes too !!!

    oh yeah dont be surprised if you hook into a big flathead on the chubs !!! ;)
  13. fishintechnician

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    i almost exclusivly use soft plastics and love them. first what size twister tails are you using for smallies? i usually use 3-4 in sometimes up to six. as far as the retrive i start out slow where my jig hits bottom every couple of seconds then gradually get faster and faster until you find the right speed, also here recently they have been just following it and not hitting it so ocasionally i will just have a slow steady retrive going and stop or pause the pause will cause the follwing fish to inhale the bait. also when fish around cover bounce your bait off of what ever it is (tree,rock etc) the seem to hit it as it is coming off of the structure. just keep trying and you will get it.
  14. I'll try those retreive methods, as stated. I'm loving this creek fishing. You won't see anybody for miles and the scenery (especially this time of year) is spectacular.