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  1. After about 2.5 hours of work I finally got my fall plot in of Green Patch Plus. Hopefully it takes well. Last I heard, we're suppose to get rain Monday, so hopefully the forecast stays. I'm heading down in 2 weeks to place a stand over the plot. I'll post some pics. I broadcasted 125 pds of 10-10-10, so hopefully that will make it jump out of the ground.

    I mowed and fertilized my clover patch today as well. This is my second mowing this year (first year plot planted in May) and the grasses still aren't at bay. Hopefully with fall around the corner, the grasses will stop shooting out of the ground. I've got a good clover patch (1/2-3/4 acre) if I could just keep the grasses under control. I heard mowing is the best way, so I'll keep trying. This will probably be my last mowing.
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    I planted two weeks ago. Comming in good so far.Heard alot of good stuff on green patch plus. Good luck

  3. We have two open acres within a wood plot and planted half of it back in April. It is growing really well. We put a trail camera up and have many pictures of deer eating in the food plot at all hours of the day. The other half acre we are planning to plant oats, but I don't know if its too late. If so, would winter wheat be a good thing to plant?
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    Its not to late for oats at all. Actually just about right...maybe even wait till Labor day. You dont want your oats to "mature" too soon. Deer will browse them best when they are young. If you get them in to early and we by chance get a lot of rain sometimes then can become upalitable to early.

    we just need some stinking RAIN!!! lol I have been holding off planting hoping for some rain. One of the worst things you can do is plant your food plot and fertalize it then not get any rain. Your seed will germinate with the dew and trace moisture in the soil..the fertalizer with kick in then no rain. Your plants will be sucking up the fertalizer and simply try to grow to fast with not enough water to keep up.
    But...thats just the way it goes with Fall food plots. We have started holding off on the fertalizer until after a coulpe rains so as not to burn them up. Its been pretty helpful.

    I work part time for Heartland Wildlife Institute and have worked with their products for several years now. They have a great product and some really cool mixes. Some of you might have seen our booth at the Deer and Turkey show in Columbus in the spring.

    There is a lot to learn about food plots. I seem to learn something new every day. Its the subtle little things that sometimes make the difference.

    Here is their web site if anyone is interested!

    GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!...Lets all make sure we dawn our turkey feathers and put on a little rain dance this weekend :) lol