Fall Muskies!?

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  1. All right- all you hardcore FALL ski chasers...
    Usually by August I'm tending to food plots/tree stands and 3-d ranges.
    My fishing poles are put away until Feb/March... Well, this year I'm gonna give it a try this fall. But my question is: When does the fall season truly begin in Ohio lakes? I plan on trying Leesville at least once in Sept... and WB probably 3-4 times in Sept & Oct.... Is my timing right? Is it true that topwater action gets very good? Use larger shad baits when trolling? Any success stories you'd like to share about fishing in the fall? (These dog days are killing me, so I need something to look forward to)
    Thx & Good Fishing!
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  2. We fish all the wat through November sometimes into December depending on the weather.

    As I was once told: "Fish topwater until it bounces across the top of the frozen water."

    They really put on the feed bag as the temperature drops. Start with big baits and down-size if needed.

    As you can see this fish was caught at CC on a very cold day.


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    I have had some success at Leesville in early October. I trolled Wiley's on a short line (10-15' back) across main lake points and popped a few good ones.