fall in montana

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  1. just got back from two weeks in north-west montana....god what a trip..here's a pic. to wet your taste buds.....

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  2. why? why would you come and torment up with pics of cuts. must you be so cruel! just rip apart my soul and feed it to the catfishes!!!!!!!
    pretty fish, where were you fishing, I'm guessing that wasnt the only one you landed.

  3. EE


    nice looking fish, looking forward to the day I can take a trip to Montana.
  4. I'm leaving in Febuary.....Key West Florida.I hate the cold anymore.I must be getting old....
  5. i hear ya when it comes to that cold weather.i went in the last week of sept.-the first week of oct....it was cold....it snowed on use every day we were out plus we camped 10 out of 16 days we were there in a light tent because we were move camp alot....to hit alot of water....i started makeing this trip in my mid-30's,,,,,,now im 46 and its getting harder every year ....BUT WHAT THE HELL IF YOU CANT DO WHAT YOU LOVE......ITS TIME TO DIE...though the keys sound nice{and warm}good luck down there