Fall IL Saugeye?

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  1. Anyone know when the fall saugeye bite begins at IL. I've become somewhat familiar with this lake over the last couple of years but it's mainly been a spring and summer adventure for me. When, where and how do you get on the fall biters? Any other tips are greatly appreciated.
  2. I have been wondering the same thing. From what little experience I have with IL, the fall bite is temperature sensitive. Most of what I know was gleaned from the IL "Let's Talk Fishing" website.

    The lake has dropped at least 6 degrees in the last week (76 to 70). Somewhere in the 60's appears to be the trigger for fall trolling. As the temperature dropped last year, the eyes moved on to Dream Bridge and were being caught by jigging. As the tempertaures continued to drop even further, Moundwood heated up when the wind was blowing bait fish into the mouth of the creek. After sunset the creek would sometimes boil with shad on the surface. Late October was a blast (at times). Even I managed a limit or two. The eyes could be caught from the bank near the boat dock or in the mouth of the channel. The lake was cold and the creek was somewhat warmer. At that time of the year, jigs tipped with minnows or twister tails worked as did vibes. Bank fisherman were using husky jerks and rogues with great success at times. The wind direction appeared to be fairly important.

    There are a lot of guys out there that know about all one needs to know about IL but they seem to be somewhat shy when it comes to helping the new guy. Good luck.

    That's about all I know about IL in the fall.

  3. Thanks for the info.. I've gotten in on the Moundwood bite before but usually late in the year. I was curious about when things began heating up in the main lake. Would love to get on them when they start. Maybe I'll get lucky this year.
  4. Water went from 71 to 68 degrees over the weekend.....I'll be up there friday around dream bridge in a pontoon trying my luck....
  5. What's the best fishing method around Dreambridge. It seems kind of featureless from what I recall. I've never really fished the area other than trolling thru it. Also, is the bite best in the morning or evening?
  6. Fished IL for about 2 hours on sat evening. Picked up a 22in. eye at a channel mouth on a rogue. Fish was nice & fat. Also got a couple LM and some nice bluegill. Nice night to be on the lake.

    The fall bite should start here in the next few weeks. Find a channel with wind and baitfish, and the eyes should be close by. Rogues and Husky Jerks are usually a solid choice. Fish seem to prefer a Stop & Go technique. Dusk seems to be the best time of the day. Good Luck!
  7. I think I've heard that advice b4. Seems to be the right gameplan. Hopefully the wish will cooperate this fall.