Fall Hybrids

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  1. What are your guys' favorite Hybrid techniques for East Fork wipers?

    I am gonna try it hopefully soon and have never fished hybrids there, so I wanted to get your opinion.

  2. creekwalker

    creekwalker Moving water...

    My luck's been pretty poor the last few years at East Fork, so take this for what its worth :) Prior to the last two years, I had good success with a Rapala minnow, rooster tail, and small spoons. I normally use plastic swim shad (like a Sassy Shad) for Hybrids, but that hasn't seem to help me at East Fork in the last two years...although I'd certainly try it again. The location and structure depends on the water temp. I've had some success in the main lake (like near the campers beach) and also into the EFLMR when the water temp cools.

    I thought about trying it myself in the last few weeks, but with these crazy temps I don't know where I'd start :confused: Maybe with the consistent cooler weather we have coming it'll help?

    Let us know how the bite is if you make it out there.


  3. Thanks Creekwalker, I'll keep you posted if I make it out.
  4. I used to fish it every weekend but haven't fished there in a couple of years. I would rather get skunked on a body of water that offers other kinds of fish. East Fork used to be pretty good if you hit it just right. You didn't say if you were fishing from a boat or from shore. If you are fishing from a boat, I would try trolling crankbaits around the mouths of the creeks. There are a couple other places, but you would have to know where they are to fish them. If you are on shore, I would try the beach. There is a good drop off on the right side of the beach that should hold some fish. Try throwing some jigs and shad bodies or a jigging spoon. As for me, I think I will just stick to the Big O.
  5. I'll be hitting it from a boat.