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    How much longer will it be before the wiper/stripers start becoming extremely active once again? Seems to me like the forums should start heating up here shortly and people will start catching better number of fish. Any hot lures or tactics of any difference compared to what is used in spring and summer months?
  2. Just waiting for water to cool off, or water period!
    If you can find any springs along the feeder creeks to the Ohio River, I'm sure you would find some stripes and wipers.
    I need to take a float down the LMR with a thermometer, and see if there's any deep cool spots.

  3. i'm chopp'in at the bit myself.i can't wait for cooler weather. don't fish much in the summer. to hot during the day, and cant stay awake at night. getting that old age thing going on there little miama jeff, i,ll be 43 in sept.
  4. Always seems that they like the bigger ,longer minnow like baits in the Fall.Flukes,Redfins Rapalas, big spinners. I don't switch tactics much differently than I'm using right now. Just watch to see what they're after. At Greenup dam they're chasing everything right now. But it seems you need to cast right on top of them. They have so much bait to chase right now it can be difficult to get them. The only thing I can think of that I do differently is not having to work a lure quite as fast. But Spoons and carolina rigged stick baits can be dynamite if you have some current to work with. I don't know how it is where you fish, but the shad "run " the sidewalk at the dam here and you can hold a Gizz 4 over the side or a shad rap or rattletrap and fool them when they chase the bait. One bent the split ring on this lure and one of the hooks broke off. If anyone cares to know ,there are a good number of White Bass being caught here right now along with some decent channel cats. hope this helps some

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    Hey Dave, I was down at the greenup dam about a week ago, there was no bait to be found in the water, well at least no shad..... We could see something feeding a bit out past the wall, see a lot of ppl trying to catch the wipers but nothing! only thing we caught was 2 channel cats, one out past the wall about 1.5#, and about a 7# right where the concrete drops off to deep water on the sidewalk.... I was wondering how the wipers have been doing, and when they'l fire back up, I can't wait to get back down there and try it again, I am going to try my favorite tactic again, it's simple just a carolina rig with a piece of cut shade or mooneyes! Works pretty good..
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    OHhhhh by the way, I was throwing my net and caught a few lil wipers bout 3 inches long.... then later i threw it and caught a whole net ful lof them!!! I heard that ky put in 5 tims there normal amount in the meldahl pool this year! should be some great fishing for the next several years
  7. sounds like a blast to me. hopfully i'll have more time to fish this fall.
  8. Ky , most of the bigger ones are being caught at night. But I got one 7lbs Sunday morning at about 6 AM on a fluke. Later in the day,they started breaking just below the beam. But they were hard to get.At least it was cloudy and showery. But a lot of those baby wipers were right there at the skipjack hole. Right in there chasing the tiny shiners . pm me and come on back
  9. BC, 43 is still an young un'! ;)
    Don't get old until you're old!
    My wife says, old is always 15 years older than you are at that time!
  10. hay' thank for the ad'vice. i feef youngerrr al ready. heck i think i go all night friday
  11. Wanna feel like a kid again BC ? Do like Jeff and I do and go out and watch some wipers tear into some shad. I'll be 49 in a couple weeks and sometimes when I get to the fishin hole, I don't really feel like fishin, I'll start talkin' to the guys and then those darned things start bustin' and I just give up on the resting and start fishing. Makes you feel young again watching them and trying to fool em'. So at least find a dam and go wait for them.
  12. i live about 15 miles from meldaul dam. going to try and get up there this fall

    good lord willing and the creek don't rise ; oh wait i hope the creek do'in come up. could get some rain they did send the space shuttle up' and that do,in tend to mess up the weather sometimes. born and raised in moscow, caught some nice stripers from time to time. thank for all the adv'in.