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Fairport Harbor, Ohio Fishing Report - 7/6/2013

So, last night I went to bed early; wasn't feeling well. What I didn't know is that while I was asleep my wife's sisters came over, my son came home for the night and it only gets better.

So, they all go to the Chardon Fireworks display and I wake up around 1:30 a.m. and the wife isn't in bed; at least with me. So I go back to bed and around 3:30 a.m. she comes to bed. I wake up and say, what's going on?

Well, they went to the fireworks and came home and decided to have a "few" while stoking the fire in the back yard. Oh, and she says, "you may hear my cats running around upstairs because your son brought a ferret over for a few days." Great.

Upon early morning inspection, because I was the only one up, there was no fur or small little rodent parts anywhere in the house.

So I get up around 7:00 a.m. (thought it was Sunday and was going to listen to IGO Radio). I told the wife that I needed to get some gas in the car, go to the post office and do a couple of other errands and that "I thought" we were going to the Mespo Ox Roast. Finally got a car blocking me out of the way and went and did my errands. She goes, "my sister and I don't know what we really want to do; we may want to go to Mespo or perhaps fishing." I told her, "we'll let me know."

So, I get back and it is going to be a fishing day, not a Mespo Day. So while she's getting ready, I look into the closet for her pair of Ruby Slippers. I found them. I tried to put them on. Got some of the toes in and the back of my foot hung out the back. I clicked them three times, and guess what? I was still at home. Yeah, I forgot, those were the slippers that bring you back home. I got to get a pair that take you somewhere else.

So, it's off to the Lake. Got to Harbor Bait and Tackle, got 8 dozen minnows (no trolling today - Thank God), and we headed out. Started north to northwest of the Harbor in 40 feet of water. Picked a few and decided to move. Went out to 48 feet of water and picked a few more. In 4 hours only got 25 yellow perch keepers, threw back about 10 and my sister in law got a huge sheep head.

So, these guys have only had about 3 hours sleep and they were snoozing in the swivel chairs on the boat.

Oh yes, I did remember the "OFF" and fly swatter this time.

So we get back to the dock and everything is going great. Pulled out to tie the boat up, etc., and this guy who looks like Ewell Gibbons (after he died) told me to go out to 38 feet of water, just NW of the harbor and continue until you see the depth get deeper and in 50 feet of water you'll see structure on the bottom in a hump and that's the place to go. Next time I'll try that.

Got home and was backing the boat into the garage and my wife is in the garage guiding me. See where this is going? The passenger blind side strikes the garage, and of course it's my fault because she's in the garage with the lights off directing me with arm gestures instead of speech. Basically, it was more like "hand gestures, if you get my drift."

Not much of a report, but I am going shopping for those ruby red slippers next week.
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