Fairport Harbor Steelies

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  1. Fished the long wall in Fairport Harbor this morning from 7:30 to 10:00 and went 6 for 6 on the Steelies. Released 5 and kept one 22 incher for supper. 2/5 oz. green/silver Cleo on a medium speed retrieve was the hot ticket for me. Guy next to me caught 2 nice ones on blue/silver Cleo.
  2. nice job on the steelies and thanks for the report!

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    A few buddies of mine from work and my cousin were up there also on the long wall. This is my cousins 2nd time up, Friday he got skunked...well....yesterday, he hooked 8 and landed 7! Biggest he guesstimated to be 28-29 inches. Good job Greg! I think I'll be joining them next Monday!!!:D Evidently, they're staging.....BIG TIME!
  4. i'll be headin out in a few i'll lettcha know how i do!
  5. well got out there and the waves started buildin...then it started raining so didnt stay long at all but..like goolies said they were hittin em early with spoon then they seemed to switch over to jig and maggot
  6. where is the long wall your talking about. My son and i go fish the mouth for smallies so is that hiow i would get to the wall just park were you put the boat in . Need advice help please
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    the lighthouse is on the long wall. the small wall is inside the harbor, the long wall forms the west side of the harbor. take rt 44 north into headlands beach state park. park in the northeast corner of the lot. you will see a trail to your right, follow that and you will see..be careful out there, some pretty big rocks..
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    Alot of trudging thru sand too....that'll make ya build up a sweat!
  9. Thanks for the info