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Drove up to the Harbor this morning and stopped at Don's (Harbor Bait and Tackle).

Met a guy there who was taking the cover off of his boat and I asked him what he was going to fish for. He stated that he came all the way over here from Lorain because the fishing is horrible, according to him over there. We exchanged radio handles and told him that in the central basin they use channel 68. He said he wanted to perch fish.

So we got our minnows and Don said go to the mud line out near the hump and fish there.

So off we went. I think we had 3 to 5 footers (the WKYC website said 1-2 footers).

So we set up in about 48 feet of water just west of the hump and we were catching them. Nothing really big and not a lot in 2 hours, only about 11 yellow perch, 1 sheep head, several white bass and a couple of white perch.

Had to call it a day because of the waves.

Tried to pull the anchor up and it was like trying to push a car that was in park. Finally had to drive the boat towards the anchor, pulling up line as we went.

Anyone ever cut an anchor loose because you couldn't pull it in?

Finally got the anchor out of the water.

Got back to the docks, and of course we should advertise on how you can be the next star on You Tube by selling tickets to the ramps and some of the people that don't know what an out ramp is and what an in ramp is. Thought a couple guys were going to get into it, but they didn't.

And of course, my favorite people; the kayak and jet ski people were out in force not paying attention.

Oh, a nice thing was that a B-29 was flying around in the sky with a fighter escort who would occasionally dump some oil into his engine to create a plume out the back. Very nice. Also saw the Coast Guard plane out flying looking for the body of that missing Ashtabula boy (prayers to his family).
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