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Fairly new in need of help

Discussion in 'Fish on the Fly' started by Huntinbull, Jun 1, 2007.

  1. I got a fly fishing kit several years ago and "sort of" learned to cast. I dusted it off this spring and would really like to give it a solid try but frustration runs high and my spinning gear beckons. Anyone in the Akron Area willing to give me some hands on pointers?

    The Rod is a 6/7 wt Martin with floating line and a 4x tippet (7.5 ft ). I have an assortment of wet and dry flies as well as poppers and wooly buggers, even a clousser minnow. Understand the basics but often have trouble with my tippet piling up as well as my floating line piling occassionally.

    My contact info is in my profile if anyone would care to help, or just PM me. I am on the site nearly every day.

    Thanks in Advance for your time and consideration.
  2. I got one of those Martin outfits on eBay myself and I could not cast at all with it. I've gotten much better with some new tackle and a lot of practice and recently tried again with the Martin - not much better. I'm not a gear snob, but I cannot recommend the Martin very much.

    My biggest breakthrough was after I drove to Columbus and took a lesson at Mad River Outfitters. It really helped a lot. I felt pretty stong about my casting after the lessons.

    LL Bean has pretty good quality beginners outfits at a resonable prices. So too does Cabela's.

    There are others in the area much more qualified than me to help; but I'd be happy to do so as well.

  3. you are not that far from tmf in ravenna----

    people are great help and know the product---take your stuff with you and have some expert help---they can evaluate your martin rod or sell you a new quality one

    i have a 9 wt echo that works as well as anything ive used and i tried the temple forks and was impressed---they sell both there
  4. Went to West Branch Sat. with my boat. Took the fly rod for some practice out away from the trees. Getting better at the cast but have a hard time feeling bites. Anyone else ever launch a panfish on the backcast? Wish I could hear that little blue gill telling his friends that story. " And then God grabbed me by the lip and threw me into the side of a boat!!! Honest!" LOL I laughed so hard I almost vomited! Caught 3 small gills and 2 of the smallest crappie I have ever seen. They looked like Castaic baits, about 2.5 inches long, and PRETTY!

    Anyway,I appreciate the replies and encouragement.

  5. Probably just too much slack in your line, the feel comes with practice.

    You should in time be able to tell the difference between Bluegill, crappie and bass hits on the fly line....bluegills feel like 2-3 quick taps, crappie just a slight twitch or stop in the line drift, bass generally fee like you've snagged a log then some movement.

    After the strike bluegill circle and pulsate, turning side to side.

    Could also be the 6/7 wt has a somewhat rigid tip section, dampening the strikes of a panfish.
  6. Sounds like good info BRHoff. The tip may be deadening the feel, but i know for sure the boat "deadened the blow" when the fish hit. Man i laughed so hard.

  7. Also, might try wadeing. The angle really effects the strike feel.

    Yes, I to have launched a few fish on the back cast. A couple weeks ago, when the crappie were shallow. I had one 10" grab the fly down by my feet, after trying to roll cast forward a few times, I reached down to find the snag..only to find a fish... talk about fishing 101...I should reel in when fish are on?