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    I have recently read an aticle in Outdoor News newpaper stating that Greenfield Lake & Rockmill Lake (in Fairfield County) may soon alow up to 10-horsepower motors on them. I guess Ray Petering the DNR administrator is thinking about making these changes to these two Fairfield County watersheds.
    Greenfield Lake has no ramp nor a gravel approach to the water. And it has posts & cables & signage not allowing motor vehicles within several hundred feet of the water. And at the present time, a fisherman has to carry his boat or canoe to the lake. Hopefully, if they make this change they will also consider giving boating fisherman a feasible access to the water.
    Rockmill Lake will need some serous work to its access also.

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  2. I fish (well I use to) these two lakes all the time. Both of them would need a lot of work to allow 10 hp boats on them. I think that's a little over kill. I think a trolling motor is plenty for either lake. They aren't big enough to need an outboard motor. Oh well I'm sure he knows what he's doing. :rolleyes:

    Rockmill would need some major weed killing to allow any kind of motor in it. In the summer it's covered in lilly pads to where you can't even fish it. :(

  3. I agree, they both need work to permit this. Especially with Greenfield Lake. It wouldn't be that hard to get a small boat down to the water, but getting it back up that tremendous hill to the parking lot would be a job in itself.
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    I'm with you guys, why would they even consider this. Electric is already permitted at least at Rockmill. It is not big enough to warrant using a 10 HP. What a mess that would be. It could be the new Alum creek reservoir. Are you sure about this info? It strikes me as goofy.
  5. You hit on something there, have those Alum creek pleasure boaters come down for a couple weekends.
    Won't be a weed left after those 200HP motors churn em up.
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    I agree with gonefishin'. What a mess... I can get from one end of Rockmill & Greenfield to the other end of these with my trolling motor in only a few minutes. With a gas-powered motor, I am guessing that it would only take about 45-seconds to one minute to complete a full length pass at either of these small watersheds.

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