eye's at alum

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by fishintechnician, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. fishintechnician

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    I've been wanting to try saugeye fishing at alum but i'm not sure wher or how to start. i mainly fish for cats and crappie and would like to try something new i'm on the water at least once a week sometimes more. i really don't have the setup to troll for them, any advice:B

  2. SwollenGoat

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    You don't have to troll to catch 'eyes at alum. Vertical jigging off the bottom and casting points in the evenings are good places to start. Try using an 1/8 oz. jig and 2"-3" chartreuse or white twister tail tipped with a piece of nightcrawler.
  3. fishintechnician

    fishintechnician Amateur legend

    tanks for the tips i'll be sure to try them the next time i go out. i've also thought about drifting and casting harnesses or erie deeries
  4. crittergitter

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    Scrap the harness and drifting weght forwards. You'll waste your time. Alum aint Lake Erie. It is completey diffferent the saugeye don't act like walleye either.

    Swollengoat gave good info on technique. Alum saugeye love jigs, if they won't hit a twister tipped jig, try a plain leadhead with a bass minnow.

    Also, Alum saugeye love rocky flats. Find a rocky flat in 8 to 12 fow with the wind blowing in and you should have some eyes bitin.

    Good luck!